5 Things That Make an Excellent Private Basketball Training Program

It’s always a good idea to get your children into sports while they’re young. Playing sports imbues young people with positive core values, helps them develop social skills, and boosts their self-confidence. It keeps them active, which helps promote good bone and muscle growth, improves coordination and balance, and reduces their risk of developing childhood obesity. 

Basketball is one of the most well-known and beloved team sports played all over the world and is an excellent introduction to the world of athletics for any young person. The history of basketball in Australia dates all the way back to 1897, when the game was brought to our shores just six short years after its invention in a Massachusetts college. Though it took a number of decades to gain traction, it became a popular pastime due to its easy-to-follow rules and the fact that it could be played indoors or outdoors, rain or shine. 

If you are a parent looking to enrol your child into a sports training program as an after-school activity or to help them have something to do during term break, basketball camps are a fantastic choice. Sports camps typically focus on teaching young people the fundamentals first before delving into sports-specific technical skills, allowing your child to develop as an athlete. 

If you’d like to specifically advance their potential as a basketball player, one-on-one private basketball training with a coach allows for a more personalised learning experience. Below are some of the hallmarks of a good private basketball training program:

It’s run by someone who knows the sport

When you seek relevant knowledge on any subject, you would typically consult an expert in that field. In the same vein, a subject can only be effectively taught by someone who has a comprehensive understanding of it. One such expert is Brett Rainbow, founder of Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball.

Brett was a former professional player for the Melbourne Tigers and long-time coach for the basketball teams at Xavier College, Wesley College, Trinity Grammar, Christ Church Primary, and many more. He signed his first contract at the age of 16 and went on to have a long and illustrious career in the sport, which includes playing in the National Basketball League (NBL) and taking the championship title with his team in 1993 and 1997. He is a three-time Australian All-Star Slam Dunk Champion and is also the first Australian to have been selected to play in China as a professional in the Chinese Basketball Association. If you want your child to learn how to play basketball, you’ll find no one better than Brett and his handpicked team of experts at Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball.  

It instils and fosters positive values

Teaching the necessary sport-specific skills that can help your child get ahead is vital, of course. However, an excellent private training program motivates a young person into becoming the best person they can be, in and out of the court. 

The best programs are the ones that build up your child’s self-confidence, with a coach that truly believes and cares deeply about them. Even if they are being privately taught and trained, you want a program that will teach them about the importance of teamwork and cooperation. After all, basketball is still a team sport at the end of the day. A program that focuses on respect for fellow players and being a good sport will also help your child become courteous and well-adjusted. 

If you can, take the time out to observe how lessons are conducted. Are they conveyed in a positive manner, or is your child being berated for every little mistake? Is the coach light-hearted or heavy-handed? Is your child being given enough opportunities to think critically and solve problems? Studies have shown that children learn better and are motivated to work harder in an environment that favours positive over negative enforcement. Keep this in mind when you’re scouting for a suitable camp. 

It teaches discipline

In this context, we mean discipline not only in that a good private training course makes sure that your child understands how to play by the rules. We also mean that during these one-on-one sessions, he or she will learn, understand, and follow the code of conduct that is expected of all athletes regardless of the sport they play. 

We also mean “discipline” in that by going to these sessions, your child will learn how to follow routines. Most competitive sports are unpredictable by nature. Having structure and following routines not only gives your children a sense of comfort, order and stability, it also prepares them for any number of situations that may be challenging to foresee during a game. It hones the skills they have previously learned and helps them train their minds and bodies to identify common actions and how to react to those actions accordingly and consistently. 

It’s innovative and constantly being improved on

The very best training courses are the ones led by people who don’t rest on their laurels. The founder of Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball has won multiple basketball championships and is already considered one of the best in his field. He maintains that position by investing in relevant continuing education in order to constantly improve the quality of knowledge imparted to students enrolled to TSB’s programs, as well as the way those lessons are taught. 

Following his lead, the other experts at TSB are similarly committed to the same vision. Combining a strong foundation of fundamentals with the latest teaching and sports innovations is how TSB stays at the top of its game, teaching your child how to play basketball better. 

It’s detail-oriented

With private training sessions, the program is always tailor-made to suit your child’s age, abilities, and skill set. There’s no one else in the class, and this means that the coach’s attention is focused solely on helping them improve their game. Flaws can be spotted much more efficiently and duly corrected. 

Your child will receive lessons based on an adaptable, personalised curriculum tailored according to the way they learn, as well as the speed at which they can pick up concepts. Specific skills can be honed more intensively depending on their chosen position on the basketball team. 

The coach, on the other hand, can also provide meaningful feedback if he thinks that your child’s skills are suited to a different position. This custom approach is what sets excellent courses apart from the rest. 

Thousands of would-be stars all across the city of Melbourne have attended Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball private training classes to better their game, and the results have been phenomenal. Learn more about it here and sign your child up for a course today!

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