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Built by 23 years of History

Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball was established by founder and director Brett Rainbow in Melbourne, Australia in 2000. As someone who has spent over thirty years around the game of basketball, the skill training business and coaching, Brett knew exactly how he wanted to give back to the game that had been so very good to him.

At Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball, we take pride in our extensive legacy of producing exceptional athletes who have gone on to achieve great heights in the world of basketball. Our alumni list boasts over 50,000 players who have embraced our training, honed their skills, and emerged as true stars in their own right. 


In the beginning

  • Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball was created
  • Launched the school holiday basketball camps program.
  • Launched the private basketball training program.

The future is bright

  • 2,000 players in our private basketball training program.
  • 4,000 children in our school holiday basketball camps.

We’re on a roll

  • Head coach at Xavier College, Trinity Grammar, Wesley College and Melbourne Girls Grammar.

Moving on up

  • Special guest trainer at 100 different clubs and teams.
  • Launched the Dunkman program.
  • 5,000 players in our private basketball training program.
  • Championships with 6 senior and junior rep teams

International coach

  • Week long private training clinic at NBA Training Center China.

We are going places

  • Launched USA Basketball Tours program.
  • Expanded our holiday basketball camp locations to regional Victoria.

The numbers tell all

  • 19,000 players in our private basketball training program.
  • 20,000 children in our school holiday basketball camps.
  • Awarded ‘Top 25′ most popular kids activities in Melbourne, Victoria for 2021 and 2022.


  • Awarded ‘Top 25′ most popular kids activities in Melbourne, Victoria for 2023.
  • Conducted 5x USA Basketball Tours for 160 participants
  • 50,000 basketball players Australia wide
  • Special guest trainer at 200+ clubs and teams
  • Conducted 200+ holiday basketball camps

Our Values

We believe in three core values: integrity, innovation and impact. These values guide our decisions, actions and culture. They help us to deliver high-quality products and services that meet the needs of our customers and partners.

What each value means to us.

  • Integrity means we are honest, ethical and trustworthy. We do what we say and we say what we do. We respect each other and our diverse perspectives.
  • Innovation means we are always looking for new ways to improve our processes, products and services. We embrace change and challenge ourselves to grow. 
  • Impact means we are committed to making a positive difference in the world. We measure our success by the value we create for our customers, partners and society. 

Our mission

We are driven by a clear and simple mission: to create value for our customers and partners. We provide innovative solutions that empower our customers to achieve their goals. We are passionate about what we do and we strive for excellence in everything we do. We are committed to our values of integrity, innovation, and impact. We are proud of our achievements, and we look forward to the future with optimism and confidence.

Brett Rainbow is considered the most recognised and well respected basketball skill development trainer in Australia.

Brett’s journey has been filled with invaluable lessons in basketball and life along the way and he has been able to pass this knowledge forward and in turn has helped thousands of players improve beyond their dreams.


Let’s hear from some of basketball hall of fame coaches, players and sports legends. 

  • As the Assistant Coach of the San Antonio Spurs and former Head Coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, I know the skills and knowledge it takes to play at the highest levels. Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball unique approach to skill development training will allow your son or daughter to take their game to the next level.

    I fully support and recommend Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball.

    Brett Brown

    San Antonio Spurs Assistant Coach
  • Tomorrows’ Stars Basketball is a fine example of a development and coaching company contributing to lifting the playing standard of basketball across Australia.Head coach Brett Rainbow’s career started with the Melbourne Tigers where he learnt the values of camaraderie, loyalty, and commitment. He now passes on those values to thousands of players and in doing so adds growth, excitement, and enjoyment of the sport.

    There is no doubt Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball will continue to produce more future stars in years to come.

    Lindsay Gaze

    Australian Basketball Legend and Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame
  • I’ve coached 15 seasons in the NBA and ABA and have been a television analyst for 30 years. I’ve done basketball clinics at all levels for 40 years. Now, the clinics were not only here in the United States, but they were all around the world. I can say with confidence that the Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball programs are up there with the best.

    You have not been able to get to the level you expected, until now with Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball.

    Hubie Brown

    NBA Head and Assistant Coach for 33 years
  • Brett Rainbow is the best at what he does in Australian Basketball. He has both the knowledge of playing at the elite level and years of practical experience running basketball development programs that ensures his programs are conducted for the maximum benefit of the participants. He brings both a love of the game and a passion for his work that sets him apart from others. I would be happy for my own kids to attend any of his basketball programs.

    You’re in good hands with Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball.

    Ian Stacker

    NBL Head and Assistant Coach for 22 years
  • Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball has been doing a great job developing players of all ages and skill levels across Melbourne, Australia in their private training program. I coached head trainer Brett Rainbow for 10 years with the Melbourne Tigers, and he was a talented and athletic player who worked hard to make and contribute with the NBL program. Brett was the most athletic player in the country in the 90’s and this being displayed with his 3 consecutive years of winning the NBL slam dunk competition.

    If your child wants to go pro there is nowhere else to go!

    Alan Westover

    NBL Head and Assistant Coach for 20 years
  • Brett Rainbow’s Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball is an excellent program for a wide range of players. Now the longest running program of its kind in Australia, Brett has taken his programs with it’s excellent curriculum, enthusiasm and energy to other countries gaining the same high praise as in Australia.

    What you will learn through the Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball programs is invaluable.

    Bruce Palmer

    NBL Head Coach for 20 years
  • The best thing I did was enroll my son into Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball. He has been able to learn so many new skills to enhance his game and it has made a massive difference. Head trainer Brett Rainbow is an absolute professional and I believe the best in the business when it comes to developing the next generation of sportsman. He has also been mentoring my son which has helped him both on and off the court enormously and he applies these techniques not only to basketball but to his every day life.

    I highly recommend Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball to any player wanting to fulfill their dreams of playing professional basketball one day.

    Anthony Koutoufides

    AFL Hall of Fame and Former Carlton Captain

State of the art training facility

Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball are extremely excited to announce we will be opening our very own training facility in Melbourne, Australia.

State of the art training facility

Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball are extremely excited to announce we will be opening our very own training facility in Melbourne, Australia.