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“As a former NBA Championship Coach for the San Antonio Spurs, I know the skills and knowledge it takes to play at the highest levels. Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball unique approach to skill development training will allow your son or daughter to take their game to the next level.

I fully support and recommend Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball. ”

Brett Brown

Philadelphia 76ers NBA Head Coach

“I’ve coached 15 seasons in the NBA and ABA and have been a television analyst for 30 years. I’ve done basketball clinics at all levels for 40 years. Now, the clinics were not only here in the United States, but they were all around the world. I can say with confidence that the Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball programs are up there with the best.

You have not been able to get to the level you expected, until now with Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball.

Hubie Brown

Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame

“The best thing I did was enrol my son into Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball private training. He has been able to learn so many new skills to enhance his game and it has made a massive difference. Head trainer Brett Rainbow is an absolute professional and I believe the best in the business when it comes to developing the next generation of sportsman. He has also been mentoring my son which has helped him both on and off the court enormously and he applies these techniques not only to basketball but to his every day life.

I highly recommend Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball to any player wanting to fulfil their dreams of playing professional basketball one day.

Anthony Koutoufides

AFL Superstar, Carlton Football Club

“Even though it’s your business and we pay for the privilege, the way you handle and inspire my boys gives me joy like you couldn’t believe. They both listen and absorb information from you that I could never get through to them being their old man. I’m not sure who loves it more, me or them. You might just be the guy that saves my son. He’s always been in his brothers shadow but now is starting to find his own identity through his basketball all because of you.

My friend you are very, very good at what you do and I’m sure I’m not the only parent that thinks like me. Thank you for all that your doing with our sons.


Parent from Torquay, Victoria

“The difference you’ve made in my game since I started private basketball training with you is huge. Not just skill wise but improving my mentality and knowledge about the game. Last week I had my first 50 point game that included 11x 3pointers.

I’ve gained so much experience from head trainer Brett Rainbow and Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball.

Thank you so much!


Player from Ocean Grove, Victoria

“Outstanding! Wildly successful and ahead of it’s time. This 1-on-1 private basketball training is exactly what we have been looking to get our children involved it. Thank you to head trainer Brett Rainbow for caring and not allowing our children to fail.

If there was 10 stars I would go that high!


Parent from Richmond, Victoria

“Our son started private training with Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball 5 yers ago. We quickly saw head trainer Brett Rainbow was influencing how our son concentrated in class and he became more comfortable in his own skin. Brett worked hard with our son and emphasised leadership and goal setting. Our son now plays competitive rep basketball and was recently made school captain

Thank you Brett Rainbow and Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball


Parent from Surrey Hills, Victoria

“Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball has been doing a great job developing players of all ages and skill levels across Melbourne, Australia in their private training program. I coached head trainer Brett Rainbow for 10 years with the Melbourne Tigers, and he was a talented and athletic player who worked hard to make and contribute with the NBL program. Brett was the most athletic player in the country in the 90’s and this being displayed with his 3 consecutive years of winning the NBL slam dunk competition.

If your child wants to go pro there is not where else to go!

Alan Westover

Melbourne Tigers NBL Championship Coach



To create a new style of basketball player that captures the very essence of the sport and will ensure its sustainability here in Australia. Through effective, game-driven training and coaching techniques, we can accomplish this mission for each and every player we work with.