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Frequently asked questions

If you cannot find the answers to your questions, please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be able to provide you with the answers you are looking for.
Can I travel alone on the USA Basketball Tour?

Yes. You have to be 14 years of age or older and have have written consent from your parents or guardian.

Can my parents come along on the USA Basketball Tour?

Yes. All friends and family are welcome to join our tour.

What is the cost for extra people to come along on the USA Basketball Tour?

We offer additional people joining our tour the exact same tour price. 

Do you run these USA Basketball Tours yearly?

Yes. Our USA Basketball Tours is an annually run program.

Can my family extend our holiday after the USA Basketball Tour has concluded?

Of course. We can even book your entire holiday and package everything together at a very competitive price. 

How many NBA games do you attend on your USA Basketball Tours Australia?

We normally watch 2-3 live NBA games on our basketball tours to USA. 

What do I need to bring along to each training session?
Players must bring along a basketball and drink to each training session. Please also wear appropriate sports attire.
Where do I go?
Let the stadium staff know you are at the venue for a training session with Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball and they will let you know where to find us.
Am I always guaranteed a booking each week?

Reasons you may not receive a booking for any given week.

  • Player rotation.
  • Public holidays.
  • School holidays.
  • Court availability.
  • Coaches’ availability.
What size basketball do I need?

Size 5 basketball- Male & female aged 5-12. 

Size 6 basketball- Females aged 9+ and males aged 9-12. 

Size 7 basketball- Age 12 & over. 

Can Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball come to a venue I want to train at?
Not for our private and semi private training sessions. However, we can attend most venues in Melbourne, Victoria for our private team training sessions. 
Do you run private basketball training sessions over the school holidays?
Not usually, as we break for our school holiday basketball camps. However, it’s always worth asking.
Can I get a better discount if I purchase more training sessions?

Yes. There are fantastic discounts available when you purchase our larger training packs. We’re all about making our basketball lessons for kids and adults as affordable as possible.

When are your next school holiday basketball camps?

January, April, July and September each year.

Where do we go?

Look for the Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball display flags that should get your attention outside the stadium and inside the entrance. Make your way to the registration sign in/out station where you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly staff members.

What time does the basketball holiday program start and finish?

You can arrive anytime from 8.30am each day. The basketball camp will commence at 9am each day. The conclusion time of the basketball camp is 3pm each day. 

Can I drop my child off at the holiday basketball program earlier and pick them up late?
You are welcome to arrive from 8.30am each morning and we have a 15mins grace period at the conclusion of each day.
What do I need to bring along each day to the basketball holiday program?

Each child will need a snack, lunch, drink and basketball for each day of the holiday basketball program.

Can I get a refund if my child is sick or I change my mind after booking?

Please read our Program T&C’s HERE for more information.

Can my child only attend 1 day of the basketball camps?

Yes. We do accept 1 day attendance. However, there are no discounts offered due to this.

Can my child be in the same group as their sibling or friends?

Yes. We let children know they can be in groups with friends and family members, when possible during our holiday basketball program.

How do you split up the groups at your basketball holiday program Melbourne?

Children are split up into groups via age and skill level during our basketball school holiday program.

How do I use my credit from a postponed or rescheduled basketball camp?

Contact us via email info@tsbasketball.com and we’ll discuss the best options for you

When do we receive the free camp item/s from the basketball holiday camp?

Our free basketball holiday camp items are handed out on the first day of the basketball camp. 

Is there a canteen available for children to use and order food etc?

Unfortunately, not. We encourage children to bring their own snacks, lunch and drink from home for each day when attending our holiday basketball program Melbourne. 

What is the opportunity with Green Room Futures?

This is an opportunity to study at an American College/University (undergraduate or post-graduate) as a general student, student-athlete, or as a performing or visual artist. This opportunity is multifaceted and involves studying, travelling, making lifelong friendships, and provides a life experience like no other!

What will I gain from studying in the USA?

– Life Experience
– Friendships
– Big Improvements in your Sport
– Personal Growth
– A Fantastic University Degree
– Job Prospects

Will my degree be recognised outside of the USA?

Absolutely! Whatever you choose to study in the USA will most definitely be recognised outside the USA, and upon your return to Australia. Certain courses of study may require short term bridging requirements upon your return, but the vast majority of qualifications earned are directly transferable. GRF only deals with institutions in the USA that hold proper accreditation, and advise students on a case by case basis of any potential additional requirements for their chosen field of study upon returning home

What if I get injured or sick while playing sports or studying in the USA?

Coaches understand that injuries are a part of being an athlete. If you get injured while competing in any school sanctioned training session or competition, you will be covered by the school’s insurance as well as your own personal insurance to cover any costs associated with treatment and rehabilitation. If you’re on scholarship, getting injured doesn’t put you at risk of losing your scholarship. If you fall ill while attending school in the USA, you are able to see the on-site nurse for assistance, your athletic trainers, or the international student affairs office. They will help you book a doctor’s appointment if your condition is unable to be treated on campus, all of which will be covered by your personal insurance.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind about joining the tour once I’ve paid?

We take a non-refundable deposit. However, depending on the date you cancel we may be able to offer you a refund or credit. Please read our T&C’s HERE for more details.

Is there a tryout to make the team on tour?

No. However, players must be intermediate-advanced basketball skill level to join the team. 

Is there team training prior to departing on tour?

Yes. We conduct team training sessions for 2-3 months together, giving everyone the ability to learn, develop and bond as a team prior to travelling on tour.

Do I have to pay for the tour all up front?

No. We take a non-refundable deposit, then place all travelling partries on a payment plan. 

Do you run these USA Basketball Tours from clubs, schools or businesses?

Yes. We can custom any of our USA Basketball Tours to suit your needs. Contact Us HERE 

Has any player from your USA Basketball Tours ever been offered a basketball scholarship to a school?

Yes. We have many players from our USA Basketball Tours offered basketball scholarships to many great schools.  

Are these NBA Tours from Australia ran for both male and female teams?

Yes. We always welcome both male and female teams on our basketball tours to USA.  

Can I purchase a single private basketball training session?

No. Our private basketball training packages start at 2x trainings sessions.

Do you have a waiting period before I can start my training sessions?

There can be up to a 2-week waiting period for any new players signing up to our program.

Do my private basketball training sessions expire?

Please read our Program T&C’s HERE for more information.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my session?

Please read our Program T&C’s HERE for more information.

How do you select who I share my semi private training session with?
We assess your skill level and ability during your first private 1-on-1 basketball training session. This is then taken into account when matching you up with other players which share the similar skill and age. 
When do training sessions start and finish for the year?
We usually kick start our private basketball training sessions with players from 1st February and complete our last training sessions around the 5th December each year.
What size basketball do I need along to the basketball program?

Size 5 basketball- Male & female aged 5-12. 

Size 6 basketball- Females aged 9+ and males aged 9-12. 

Size 7 basketball- Age 12 & over. 

Can parents stay to watch the basketball holiday program, or do they have to leave for the day?

Parents are welcome to stay and watch or leave for the day and return at the conclusion of the school holiday basketball program. 

What are the children to coach ratios at your basketball holiday program?

The ratio is usually 1 experienced coach to every 12-16 children during our basketball program.

Do your coaches have experience and working with children checks?

Absolutely. All coaches working at our school holiday basketball camps have current Working with Child Checks.

What happens if I select the incorrect size for my child’s free basketball camp item?

Once you select your child’s size for any free school holiday basketball camp item during the booking process, that will be the size supplied at the basketball holiday program. We only have limited stock available for exchanges. We can order you another item but that will be at your expense.

What happens if my child doesn’t receive the free basketball holiday program item/s?

If for some reason your child doesn’t receive their free holiday basketball camp item/s, we will arrange to either have the item sent out in the post or collected by you at a convenient time after the school holidays have been completed.

What do I do if my child requires medication to be administered during your basketball school holiday program?

Please contact us prior to our school holiday basketball program commencing and advise us of this. You will need to provide written consent and instructions for use if applicable.

Do you have a toilet policy for children at your basketball holiday program Melbourne?

The safety of the children attending our basketball holiday camps Melbourne is a high priority. The venue’s toilets are inspected prior and throughout the duration of every holiday basketball camp. All children are to go to the toilet in pairs; younger children where possible will be escorted to and from the toilet.

Do you offer a sibling discount to your basketball holiday camp?

We don’t unfortunately. However, we do offer a great sale price for the first 4 weeks when bookings open. This includes $10 off per person. 

Which colleges and universities in the USA are GRF affiliated with?

Green Room Futures is not directly affiliated with any specific institutions in the United States, our loyalty is to each of our students and their family. GRF has established connections and professional relationships with thousands of colleges/universities across all areas of the United States, at all levels in all divisions, and we are always expanding our network! GRF will match your preferences, results, and skills with the right US institutions that compliment you. Our best interests are in finding our students the best possible options based on who they are and what they wish to accomplish. Every GRF promotional process is individually tailored to a student’s personal academic, athletic, artistic (when applicable), social, and financial needs.

Do I need to know what I want to study before I get to the USA?

No, the US Collegiate system does not require you to choose exactly what you want to study prior to commencing university level study. You are able to enter college “undecided” and there will still be coursework available that will pertain and transfer into any specific degree program. Adversely, you may know exactly what you wish to study and stick with that from start to finish. No matter whether you know, or are undecided, you are able to complete and receive an undergraduate bachelor’s qualification over a 4-year period.

When should I begin the college recruitment process?

Right now! That’s the simple answer, irrespective of your age. It’s never too early to begin this process and the earlier a student starts the more choice and control they have over their outcomes. There is so much that goes into the US college recruitment process and the more time we all have to work through it, always helps to maximise your results.

How do the costs of studying in the United States compare with studying to Australia?

Green Room Futures sources opportunities for students that adhere to the financial circumstances of each family, and what they are wanting and able to invest into higher education. In the USA, the way the college/university system works with on-campus boarding and its awarding of athletic and academic scholarships, families on average are paying far less per year for the same academic qualifications and 10 times the life experience for their students. Typically, families are paying between 10k to 15k USD per year for tuition and fees, housing, meals, and sporting activities when attending a US institution. Compare these averages to what it costs to live and study at university in most international countries of the world and your findings will be eye opening!