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Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball offers a variety of highly sought after private basketball training sessions across Melbourne, Victoria.

Our experienced coaching team, which is led by former Melbourne Tigers Championship Player and 3 Time NBL All Star Slam Dunk Champion Brett Rainbow, who facilitates these private, semi-private and team training sessions which are tailored to each and every player. Players receive personalised training programs that are designed to match their skill level and learning pace.

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With our 1 on 1 basketball coaching in Melbourne, all of the programs are customised to the individual and aim to broaden their basketball skills and knowledge of the game. Challenging each player to better their game by improving their tactical abilities, their understanding of the game and their ability to predict play and pre-empt their opponent’s next move. Whether working 1 on 1 with one of our experienced coaches or in small groups, our players learn to excel in all aspects of the game through our customised drills and skill work that have been designed by some of the best in the business.

Thousands of players across Melbourne, Victoria have taken part in our program with exceptional results. Many players who have completed our training have gone on to play Rep, VBL and ABA or have been selected to represent school teams, state teams and even national teams.

Looking to experience world class 1 on 1 basketball coaching in Melbourne? Why not sign up for one of our private training programs today!



If you want to optimise your skills and take your game play to the next level our private 1-on-1 training sessions are for you. Private training allows each player:

  • To develop based on their abilities and skill set
  • To learn via a personalised and systematic training curriculum
  • Customised off day workouts
  • Specific skill training by position



If you are a team wanting to improve your performance, our team training program offers you:

  • Comprehensive structure for offensive and defensive plays
  • A focus on both team and individual player skills
  • Customised off day workouts
  • The teams basketball knowledge, fitness and goals are closely focused on



Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball will be in contact with you to arrange all details regarding your booking once your purchase is complete.



These training blocks are for teams making casual bookings.




These training blocks are for teams making casual bookings.




“My daughters have trained with Brett Rainbow and Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball for 5 years. During this time, as a parent, you are exposed to many coaches in representative and domestic basketball and I can say unequivocally that Brett is the best skills development coach my daughters have had. Brett’s balance of teaching the physical skill and mental side of the game is very unique. Your kids get a lesson in life and develop their basketball skills at the same time.

There may be cheaper private basketball training options but no-one provides better value than Brett Rainbow.


Parent from Lysterfield, Victoria

“Throughout the years we have seen the development of our son’s basketball game grow continuously because of the systematic approach taken by Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball. Their attention to detail and expertise in skill development training have helped our son grow not only as a better basketball player but a leader on and off the court as well.

We highly recommend Brett Rainbow and Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball to anyone looking to have their child’s skills improve as well as see their character developed. ”


Parent from Brighton, Victoria

“I’m trained by Brett Rainbow weekly and it has been an awesome experience. I enjoy the opportunity to pick at his brain and learn how to make the game easier for myself and play more efficiently. He really teaches his players how to read game situations and respond accordingly rather than just follow a system like robots. Being a very competitive person myself, he reflected the same competitive fire and was able to push me to be the best I could be. Brett is understanding and a caring person beyond the court. I would 100% recommend private training with Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball to anyone looking to take their game to the next level.

Brett has taught me how to quickly apply what I am learning from my private basketball training to every game I play


Player from Sandringham, Victoria

“The difference you’ve made in my game since I started private basketball training with you is huge. Not just skill wise but improving my mentality and knowledge about the game. Last week I had my first 50 point game that included 11x 3pointers.

I’ve gained so much experience from head trainer Brett Rainbow and Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball.

Thank you so much!


Player from Ocean Grove, Victoria

“Outstanding! Wildly successful and ahead of it’s time. This 1-on-1 private basketball training is exactly what we have been looking to get our children involved it. Thank you to head trainer Brett Rainbow for caring and not allowing our children to fail.

If there was 10 stars I would go that high!


Parent from Richmond, Victoria

“Our son started private training with Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball 5 yers ago. We quickly saw head trainer Brett Rainbow was influencing how our son concentrated in class and he became more comfortable in his own skin. Brett worked hard with our son and emphasised leadership and goal setting. Our son now plays competitive rep basketball and was recently made school captain

Thank you Brett Rainbow and Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball


Parent from Surrey Hills, Victoria


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North Melbourne VIC 3051

Templestowe Heights Primary School

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Temple Lower VIC 3107

Belmont High School

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