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Latest Holiday Camps had Extra Special Meaning

Our September Holiday Camps had extra special meaning for Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball as they were a special tribute to Blair Smith. Blair was an ex-Melbourne Tigers Teammate of TSB Head Coach Brett Rainbow, who sadly lost his life 6 years ago.

Blair and Brett were not only teammates at the Tigers, but roommates on the road, and the two players became very close, during and after their careers. Blair played eleven seasons in the NBL across four teams, including 5 years at the Tigers. He was a backup to the great Mark Bradtke and an integral part of the amazing 1997 NBL Championship run.

During the holiday camps, all 200 of the Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball participants wore Blair’s name and number in his honour, to celebrate his life and remember the good times. Blair’s wife, Bec, and children Brayden and Marleigh flew down to Melbourne for the first camp in Box Hill, which was a very emotional but very special time.

Throughout the past week, we witnessed some impressive skills, teamwork, and, most importantly, a ton of fun. Our dedicated coaches worked tirelessly to create a dynamic and engaging environment where everyone could learn, grow, and enjoy the game they love.

Over the 4 holiday camps we had 200 players, spent 60 hours on the court, performed 50 different basketball drills, gave out 15 Dream Team awards, 200 free TSB “Smith” t-shirts and drink bottles and lots of other prizes.

Thanks to the hundreds of happy kids who attended, parents for their support, sponsors for making the tribute possible and the fantastic coaching staff for their great work!

For Blair #31.

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6 Reasons to Attend a Holiday Basketball Camp

Finding things to do over the school holidays can be a tough task. There’s almost an overload of options available, making it hard to make a choice. And many of the activities are fun for 15 minutes, then you get bored.

Attending a basketball camp is one activity that will not only keep you busy during the break, but keep you highly entertained too. Here are 6 reasons why a school holiday basketball camp is a great idea.

Social Development

Spending time at home playing video games might be fun for a while. But at the end of the day, we are social creatures and want to spend time with other people. Basketball camps give you the chance to make lasting friendships with people who share the same interests as you. It’s also a good chance to spend time with mates you may not have seen for a while.

Physical Fitness

As per above, it’s very easy to do minimal exercise when on holidays. Furthermore, it’s amazing how fast we can lose our fitness. Attending a basketball camp will keep your mind and body active, increasing the release of dopamine and serotonin, which makes you feel more positive. Staying fit will also help the transition back into the new school term will be easier.


Basketball camps teach you how to abide by rules, but within a fun environment. This makes holiday camps the perfect setting to build discipline. Discipline can be very useful in sport, as it helps give you an edge over more talented players. It will help you become more dedicated and consistent. Learning to follow regulations is also a skill that is very useful in every aspect of your life.


Trying out for a club team can be quite daunting. You need to perform at your best against a number of other players, in the hope of making the cut. By attending a holiday camp, you can learn how to build confidence and be comfortable competing against others, in a less stressful environment.

Develop your skills

Similar to building confidence, camps run a number of drills and activities to help you develop your skills. Learning from highly skilled coaches with years of experience will allow you to get the best out of your game. Practice makes perfect, and a camp will show you how to practice different techniques the “right” way.


Camps aren’t just about skills, fitness, discipline, and building your confidence. They are also entertaining. Perhaps the biggest reason to attend a basketball camp is because they are fun! We play basketball because we love the game, and camps are designed to be thoroughly enjoyable. When you attend a Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball camp, you are guaranteed to not only walk away a better and more knowledgeable player but enjoy the action-packed days we deliver for all players. If you’re struggling for activities to do during the school holidays, a basketball camp is a fantastic idea. Find out more info about our upcoming camps here.

Training Camps

Does Your Kid Love Basketball? How About School Holidays Training Camps

Have you considered enrolling your child in a basketball training camp over the school holidays? If your child loves basketball, it could be the highlight of their holidays. Training camps offer kids a fun environment where they can improve their skills, make friends and build their self-worth.

Why should you choose a school holiday basketball camp for your kid?

There are many benefits of basketball camps that go beyond improving a child’s dribbling and shooting skills. In fact, basketball camps are great for boosting a child’s confidence, showing them the rewards of hard work and teaching them valuable team skills which go beyond the basketball court. 

  1. Learn skills that improve their game

Guided by expert coaches, children will learn skills and techniques to improve their game. As well as solidifying the basics such as shooting, passing and ball handling, training camps help children improve their game IQ and develop the mental skills that make a good player great. Immersing them in basketball over one or two days, a camp can be the push that gets a child to the next level in their game. 

  1. Build their confidence

As your child improves their skills and gains valuable tools for the game, their confidence will grow. Mental and emotional goals like this are just as important as achieving physical goals, and basketball camps help encourage kids to strive towards both. 

  1. Develop team skills

As a team sport, learning to work with others is a key to success in basketball. Training camps foster the skills of cooperation and collaboration as children learn to support their team. While great for their basketball game, these team skills are invaluable in other areas of life too.

  1. Learn hard work & discipline

If your child has a goal or wants to get good at something, they have to learn the importance of hard work and discipline. At training camps, children learn that practicing regularly and having a good work ethic pays off. Confidence, clear focus and determination are just as important as knowing how to handle the ball when it comes to basketball, and they are also valuable life skills.

  1. Fun & friendships

Training camps are an active and fun way to spend the school holidays and a great place for kids to develop friendships with others who share their love of basketball. In the hands of expert coaches who are passionate about what they do, training camps provide a safe and exciting environment for kids to learn and grow while having fun. 

Camp For Your Kids

What are the best School Holiday Basketball Camps in Melbourne?

Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball camps are the best in Melbourne. Offering first rate coaching, unique skill work and incredibly talented staff, our camps give children the chance to improve their game in a supportive and positive environment. Run over one or two days in various locations across Melbourne and Victoria, we welcome players of all ages and skills to our school holiday camps.

Everything You Need to Know About Kids’ Basketball Coaching Classes

Are you considering enrolling your child in private basketball coaching classes but aren’t sure what it involves? This post is for you! Private basketball training for kids can provide beneficial support and guidance for a player, helping them to develop skills that they can use on and off the basketball court. 

When is my child ready for basketball training class?

If your child is passionate about basketball and wants to take their game play to the next level, private one-on-one training could be exactly what they need. Private classes allow players to develop their skills at their own pace through customised training that has been designed specifically for them. 

Private parent/player lessons are a great way to support your child and spend quality time together learning new skills. In these classes, parents can train alongside their child and play a significant role in their improvement.

The great thing about private basketball training is that anyone can do it, no matter the age of the player or their skill level.

What value can a basketball training class add to my kid’s training?

Personal coaching sessions can help refine a player’s skills, boost their confidence and set them up to achieve their goals on and off the court. Whether your child is passionate about pursuing basketball professionally, or just loves the game, private basketball training is an excellent way to help them take the next step. 

While coaching helps advance a player’s skills in basketball, it is also beneficial for a number of mental and emotional factors too. Here are some of the major advantages of attending basketball training for kids:

One on one attention

When your child attends a one on one training session, they will receive the undivided attention of the trainer. This means the specialised trainer will be able to swiftly identify areas of weakness and apply strategies to help strengthen them. In a one on one session, a player can move at their own pace, and focus on the specific skills that they need to be stronger.

Tailored, personal approach

Flowing on from above, a one-on-one training session means more attention on a player and their specific needs. The trainer can design and implement custom training targeted specifically for your child. How is this beneficial? Players can advance much faster when the training is designed specifically for them.

Increased confidence

Confidence is crucial for a basketball player to compete at a high level. With private training, players can improve their skills, strengthen weak areas and boost their confidence in their own abilities. This is not only beneficial for their game, but is an important quality off the court, too.

Skills & habits for success

To go far in basketball requires so much more than perfecting shooting and dribbling. A good work ethic, perseverance and positive self talk are all key skills that a player needs to learn. Guided by an expert trainer in private lessons, players can develop the positive habits that are required for success.

Professional insight

It is very hard to be successful in any field without the support and guidance of someone who has been on the same journey before. In private basketball training, your child will receive first hand wisdom and advice from someone who has many years of experience and plenty of tips and tricks to pass along. 

If you are looking for basketball training for kids in Melbourne, check out the first-rate programs we offer at Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Enrol Your Kids into a Basketball Camp, Melbourne

If you’re looking for a productive yet fun way for your kids to pass the time during their school holidays, then you might want to consider enrolling them into a basketball camp. Training camps like these serve as an enriching experience for your children, as they learn about helpful skills both inside and outside of the game and turn them into treasured memories.

If you’re still not convinced, here are just some reasons why you should consider entering your kids into your nearest basketball camp.

Learn Skills to Help Improve Their Game

You can expect your kids to learn valuable basketball-related skills during their time at a basketball camp. Basic skills like shooting, passing, and ball handling can help your child become better at the game as they continually practice these during their time at the camp. However, trainers don’t just focus on basketball coaching at camps — they also make it a point that your kids learn other values like perseverance, good sportsmanship, and valuing hard work. 

Build Confidence and Self-Worth

Attending a basketball camp isn’t just about honing physical skills and athletic prowess. It’s also about hitting those mental and emotional goals that go hand in hand when playing sports. The challenges that a basketball camp brings can help boost a child’s confidence, as well as elevate their self-worth when they’re able to succeed in their tasks and learn new things in the process. Of course, they aren’t alone when facing these challenges. The trainers are there to help encourage and guide them as they go through the camp training and overcome them.

Learn to Work Well with Others

Playing team sports is a great way to cultivate teamwork and camaraderie. Basketball is a sport that perfectly exemplifies this, as your child learns to cooperate with others by playing the game. Basketball programs are also a great place for your kid to socialize with others and understand the social dynamics of working in a team. This kind of social experience can even help your child learn the more difficult aspects of team building like learning how to navigate conflict with others.

Instil Discipline While Challenging Yourself

Many activities that happen during a basketball camp involve numerous training drills that help practice a child’s skills. While some may consider this boring and repetitive, this actually helps instil a sense of discipline by completing these challenges with the rest of their peers. The perseverance a child learns from the experience will surely become an invaluable life skill down the road.

Have Fun While Playing Sports

Basketball training for kids isn’t just about drills and mastering the game. It’s also about the simple joys of having fun with others. Sports like basketball are a great way to bring people together, whether as players or spectators, and enjoy the love of the game. The new people that your child will meet, the skills that they’ll pick up, and the lessons that they’ll learn during their time at a basketball camp make for a fun and exciting experience. 

Basketball camps can be a fun and exciting way for your child to spend their school holidays. It’s also a great opportunity for them to socialize with other children and share their love of the game with others their age. Parents who want their kids to learn some valuable lessons over the holidays should seriously consider enrolling their children at a basketball camp.

6 Skills That School Holiday Programs Will Help Build

There’s no getting around it, school holidays can either be spent productively or… not! For anyone invested in themselves there are great opportunities out there to try something new, meet new people or get better at something you are already passionate about. School holiday programs, from dance clubs to basketball camps, are a fantastic option for self-development and building skills that might otherwise be neglected during down time between terms.

Social and communication skills

One of the most valuable skills that can be developed through attendance at a program is the ability to confidently interact with other people. Good social skills underpin success throughout life and any good program will emphasise interactivity and communication.

Friends for life

It’s almost inevitable that friends will be made during school holiday programs – friendships that may very well become lifelong and perhaps even life-changing. Having new people in our lives will also bring new challenges and, especially at basketball camps, new competition! With new friends we can test ourselves against a new opponent who brings their own strengths to the court.

Physical skills

Choosing to take part in school holiday programs that are focussed on sport will naturally contribute to improved levels of fitness and energy, as well as increased body awareness and understanding one’s physical abilities (i.e. strength, flexibility, speed). Basketball camps, for example, will combine a variety of training that helps players become better in many ways, from ball handling skills like rebounding and passing to improve dexterity and precision to strength training to help develop strength and power.

Self confidence

Like the first day at school or a new job, joining in with a group of new people is a great way of building self-confidence, and building it quickly. Here at Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball we provide an holistic experience that is specifically designed to develop our players as fully as possible and to help them grow as young adults as well as players. Our team are not just basketball coaches, but mentors dedicated to, and invested in, every player on an individual level. We don’t just change your game, we change your life.

Team building

Attendance at school holiday programs will also help strengthen team building skills. This can mean having a responsibility that contributes to the overall success of the team or the success of just one other team member. The key takeaway from such an experience will always be how to better contribute to the team effort overall and help make it as strong as possible.

Stepping away from technology

Another bonus of getting involved with a school holiday program is having to put down the mobile or turn off the television. As a society we’ve become so dependent on the technology that fills our lives that it can be easy to forget there is so much fun to be had without it!

At the Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball camps, we focus on providing every player with a full range of skills that extend far beyond the court and that will benefit them in their everyday lives. If you are thinking about basketball camps in Melbourne or local school holiday programs, we’re here to help. We offer a variety of training options to help you take your game to a whole new level, both on the court and off it.

Great Ways Holiday Basketball Camps Can Teach Your Kids to be a Top Basketball Player

Holiday basketball camps are not only a fantastic way to keep your kids active during the school break, but they can actually offer benefits when school resumes. When it comes to choosing school holiday programs, Melbourne parents may not be aware that some programs can actually offer kids some new skills that will teach them how to be a top player when they return to school. Here are just some of the ways a school holiday basketball camp could benefit your child.

Teaches the Rewards of Hard Work

To be a star player on a school team, children need to be dedicated and hard working. When they are trying to distinguish themselves among large numbers of their classmates, children can easily become dejected. However, holiday basketball camps offer a smaller class ratio, so kids can really appreciate the rewards of hard work. Camps show children what intense focus and a no-nonsense attitude can help them to achieve. Whether it is learning to take charge on the court or learn effective strong attacks on the hoop, when children can see the rewards of their hard work, they will feel more confident when trying out for the school team.

Develops Power

Being powerful on the court is one of the primary characteristics of a great player. Great players are not easily pushed around, and in fact, they can dictate the rhythm, intensity, and tempo of the game. School holiday basketball camps encourage children to develop this powerful presence. They will learn to use their body to impose their will both defensively and offensively, so they can decide where to go, not their opponent.

Improved Strength and Speed

When attending basketball camps, Melbourne kids will spend a great deal of time on not only boosting their game, but also improving the core skills of strength and speed. These skills are often the separators between the average player and a high school basketball star. Working a basketball program will help your child to improve their strength and speed so that they can learn to stop a player in one to one scenarios without risking injury.

Encourage Leadership

The best players are humble and care about their team, They take a selfless attitude and are more concerned with the win than getting named as the hero of the game. This is a critical leadership skill that can be encouraged at a basketball camp. Working with the camp coaches and other players in a focused environment will encourage your child to serve others and do things well that will make them stand apart as a natural leader, both on and off the court.

Spot the Separators

Even if your child is the best basketball player in their school, a dedicated camp will show them how to spot the separators. Being among other talented players will help your child look for the natural abilities of players, so they can work on their own strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re considering a school holiday program in Melbourne, parents should contact us to find out more about our current holiday basketball camps tailored to suit all skill levels. We would be delighted to help develop your child’s skills and talent and help them have some fun along the way.

Developing Skills at Basketball Camps: More Skills Means More Time

Basketball camps are a great way to build the fundamentals and develop skills. This is not only fantastic for confidence levels but once you return, having more skills is bound to translate into more time on the court during games. So, here we’ll look at how to improve in several key areas for maximum development.

Hard Skills

The first focus of basketball camps is usually developing hard skills. Hard skills are built by intentionally focusing and repeating movements such as ball handling, offensive skills, and shooting. Serious players work for hours each day depending on their age, abilities and specific goals. Improvement in hard skills should be viewed as an investment of time. So, while you’ll want your child to develop advanced skills, hard skills should be a key component of the camp schedule as these critical fundamentals are a vital platform to build from.

Soft Skills

The second focus of basketball camps, Melbourne parents should prioritise is the development of soft skills. Your children need to understand the game specifically and learn the nuances to react. Developing soft skills is best accomplished in competitive, intensive settings that allow for opportunities to get possession of the ball. A basketball camp provides the opportunity to play plenty of one on one, three on three or anything that will provide more touching of the ball.

Physical Training Plans

Basketball camps are not just about developing the obvious basketball skills, and physical training should be part of the curriculum. This involves building quickness, strength and vertical jump. The camp trainers will be able to evaluate your child’s strengths and weaknesses and work out the most efficient way to see growth in these areas.


Another key element that will help your child to see more court time is developing confidence. As your child masters hard and soft skills, they should feel more confident in their abilities. A basketball camp is a fantastic way for children to develop the mental toughness that separates good and great players.

Goal Accountability

Finally, providing accountability to goals is vital to maximise development. The reason why many consider camps to be such great training places is that the players are saturated in hard and soft skill training and can make the important changes needed.

If your child is involved in regular practices, you may not see the benefits of a basketball camp, but this immersive experience can provide fantastic skill development for your child. Basketball camps can help your child to develop more skills that will show coaches that your child needs to be off the bench and on the court for more game time.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of School basketball camps, Melbourne parents should speak to us. We offer a wide selection of basketball camps for all ages, and you’ll find the Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball team ready to answer any queries or questions you may have. We would be delighted to help your child develop new skills and see more court time.

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Attending Holiday Basketball Camps: Choosing a Basketball Camp

When searching for school holiday programs in Melbourne, parents are likely to find there are a lot of options to choose from. You’re likely to want an activity that will be fun for the children, and if they can learn something from it’s a bonus. One of the best ways to provide fun, build confidence and develop social skills is to learn how to play basketball well. Basketball is one of the most team oriented games in the world and playing it well requires discipline. Of course, it’s also a lot of fun to play, and it promotes healthy personal interaction and physical fitness. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of choosing a basketball team for the summer.

Will Holiday Basketball Camps Improve Your Kids Game?

Yes, when you play basketball regularly with professional coaching you game will definitely improve. One to one coaching is vital to teach individual skills, and then teamwork can be promoted through drills and games. This is an excellent way for younger athletes to get plenty of games under their belt and put their new found skills into practice. However, this can only work if the student is dedicated to the process and has a real desire to improve their game.

Is the Basketball Program the Right Fit for Your Kid?

The number one priority that you have as a parent in this process is to get your kid enrolled into a program that is the right fit for them. We all want our kids to develop and have fun at the same time. If there is no fun, some kids will not get the most out of the program, and your money is wasted. The program that you choose should be well established, comprehensive and focussed on the student’s needs. The coaching should be excellent and geared towards different starting skill levels and age groups. This will allow the student to find a way into the game no matter how much exposure they have previously had.

Professional vs. Amateur Coaching

Of course, it’s very easy to set up some amateur coaching over the summer and play some games for fun. However, amateur coaching can be fun, but it will not have the impact on how well the game is played. Professional basketball coaches will evaluate the students level and then instill in them the fundamentals of the game. These core skills can then be built on further and applied to a wider team dynamic. By observing how the student plays during a game, the coach can offer valuable feedback and tips to strengthen the students game even further.

If they are looking for school holiday programs in Melbourne, get in touch with us here at Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball. Our coaches use one to one training to develop individual skills, and them build teamwork with drills. The basketball skills that we teach our students are useful both on the court and off it. Our attendees will have a lot of laughs, learn how to play better and build confidence to face other life challenges. Our team is here to advise you on our latest school holiday basketball camp details, and they will be delighted to answer any further questions that you may have.

Steps to Maximise Time at School Holiday Programs

When considering school holiday programs, Melbourne parents often want to focus on their child’s interests and passions. However, while you want your child to enjoy themselves, it is still possible to maximise their time with the right preparation.

Warm Up:

A good warm up is vital for games, but it is also important for practices. Taking a few minutes before each practice will not only help to prepare your child to make the most of their practice session, but also reduce the risk of an injury. After all, you won’t want your child to miss out on their school holiday programs if they suffer an injury in week one. A simple warm up should include:

Jogging: An easy jog down the length of the court, before pausing and jogging back to the baseline.

Back Pedal: WIth hands up, run to half court and back to the baseline. Pause before repeating.

Skipping: Skipping as high as possible, go the length of the floor. Extend the right hand has the right knee comes up and vice versa.

Hopping: Travel halfway up the court, hopping on one leg before changing legs at half court.

Sprints: Sprint to the half court line and then jog back to the baseline. Pause and repeat.

Shooting Drills:

While shooting drills may seem redundant and simple, they are essential to developing great shooting skills. Rather than spending scheduled time in school holiday camps, encourage your child to perform these practices solo in their spare time.

Mikan’s: Facing the basket, step back on the left foot and shoot a right hand lay up. When the ball rebounds repeat using the left foot. Continue until 12 shots have been made.

McHale’s: Using one hand, tip the ball off the backboard or a wall ten times right handed and then 10 times left handed.

Daily Dozen: From the corner of the free throw line, dribble to the basket and shoot with your right hand. Rebound the ball and use two dribbles to the opposite elbow. Pivot and dribble once to shoot left handed. Repeat until you make a dozen shots.

Game Shots: Finally, concentrate on the types of shots and areas that will be used in a game. These should be shots taken at game speed and ensure you also make some free shots.

This warm up should get your child breaking a sweat and help them to feel mentally and physically ready to get the best use of the official practice time.

If you’re thinking about school holiday programs, Melbourne parents should speak to us. We offer a range of school holiday camps to help your child develop their basketball skills and expand their love of the game. You’ll also find the Tomorrow’s Stars team ready to answer any queries you may have to help you choose the best school holiday programs for your child.

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