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Considering Basketball Coaching for Your Child? Starting Early Offers Great Benefits

If you want to get your child off the couch with a physical activity, basketball training and coaching may be just what you’re looking for. Playing basketball will help children to learn basic coordination and good team building skills; they can also make new friends during training. Getting your child going with basketball training for kids not only encourages exercise, but it can also build a foundation for staying active as they get older.

Age Considerations

Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball programs are available for children from the age of five and upwards. For younger children, our programs focus on the development of basic skills with rules-based play typically not being introduced until they are a little older. By the age of nine, most children are ready to play against other teams, so our programs focus on more competitive play, so your child will be prepared to meet opponents on the court. Regardless of their age, basketball training and coaching will encourage your child to develop good team building skills, which can be applied to many other activities both at school and in their leisure time.

Physical Fitness

Experts recommend children between the ages of six and 17 participate in at least an hour of moderately intense physical activity each day. Children should engage in vigorous-intensity activities three days per week. Basketball training for kids allows children to incorporate their physical activity requirements into their daily routine, thereby contributing to their overall physical fitness and well being. In addition to their coach supervised training, children will develop a love of the game and want to practice at home, increasing their activity levels even further.

Motor Skills

Learning basketball involves throwing, catching, pivoting and dribbling, and beginning training at younger ages improves gross motor skills, as they are using their major muscle groups. When young children play basketball, they will improve their endurance and flexibility. Additionally, basketball training will allow your child to benefit from improvements in their fine motor skills, including hand-eye coordination. These crucial motor skills can be transferred into other areas of their daily life.

Psychological Development

Starting basketball training at an early age will also help your child to develop psychologically. Learning and playing on a team will allow your child to start to make friends and feel greater involvement in their peer group. Additionally, team sports can improve children’s abilities to solve basic problems and communicate. Experiencing the benefits and challenges of healthy competition at an early age will also help children to prepare for failures later in their life. The sport will help your child to develop social skills and coping strategies that can not only be useful on the court, but can be beneficial at home, school, and in their peer relationships.

If you’re considering basketball training or coaching, be sure to speak to us. We offer a variety of programs, including basketball training for kids and the Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball team would be delighted to answer your queries or questions to find the best program for your child.

The Benefits of 1 on 1 Private Basketball Training and Coaching Melbourne Parents Should Know

If your child has started to show an interest or aptitude for sport, you may have considered training or coaching, but often parents are unsure about how beneficial private basketball coaching can be. So, here we’ll explore some of the considerable benefits offered by 1 on 1 basketball coaching that Melbourne parents should know to help them make an informed decision.

Centre of Attention

1 on 1 basketball training and coaching puts the student at the centre of attention. In a busy environment or group training, it can be easy for a player to get overlooked. Private coaching provides an ideal opportunity for coaches to provide detailed coaching to increase player performance. Additionally, every individual is unique so the coaching style can be tailored for most effective learning.

Psychological and Social Development

Player psychology is a crucial aspect of sports, creating an environment to ensure that the player is constantly and adequately challenged. Private training and coaching encourages the player to take responsibility and ownership of successes and failures of each session. This creates a positive effect to prepare for competitive environments and can also help the player to feel more independent and decisive in a team environment.

Work Towards Personal Goals

There is a common myth that only professional players should pursue 1 on 1 basketball training and coaching, but in fact, it can be beneficial for all ability levels. Private training and coaching is flexible and allows the coach to design a personal programme that is relevant for player development. The coach will have the time to listen, analyse, and develop a strategy with constant communication between the player and coach. This allows adapting for unpredictable circumstances to continuously look for any possible performance improvements.

Correcting Bad Technique

Regardless of player skill level, there will always be room for technical improvements, but it can be difficult for players to know what needs to be corrected and what they should do differently. Repeating bad form can quickly make correcting it difficult, but in 1 on 1 coaching environments, coaches are able to quickly spot any bad technique to correct it. This means that any mistakes can be explained in detail for a better understanding of correct form to develop good habits.


These days, children seem to have a more hectic schedule than most adults, which makes it challenging to fit in activities. However, 1 on 1 basketball training and coaching offers an effective training session to be fitted into your busy timetable. Coaches work different hours and can coach based on the rest of your child’s routine, which is particularly important when your child has team training or matches during the week. This can also be beneficial for parents who are busy trying to juggle their other commitments, as you can choose a time slot that is convenient for you.

These are just some of the positive effects of private basketball training and coaching, and this type of training is the best way to see how your child’s performance can be developed.

If you would like to find out more about 1 on 1 basketball training and coaching in Melbourne, we’re here to help.

6 Skills That School Holiday Programs Will Help Build

There’s no getting around it, school holidays can either be spent productively or… not! For anyone invested in themselves there are great opportunities out there to try something new, meet new people or get better at something you are already passionate about. School holiday programs, from dance clubs to basketball camps, are a fantastic option for self-development and building skills that might otherwise be neglected during down time between terms.

Social and communication skills

One of the most valuable skills that can be developed through attendance at a program is the ability to confidently interact with other people. Good social skills underpin success throughout life and any good program will emphasise interactivity and communication.

Friends for life

It’s almost inevitable that friends will be made during school holiday programs – friendships that may very well become lifelong and perhaps even life-changing. Having new people in our lives will also bring new challenges and, especially at basketball camps, new competition! With new friends we can test ourselves against a new opponent who brings their own strengths to the court.

Physical skills

Choosing to take part in school holiday programs that are focussed on sport will naturally contribute to improved levels of fitness and energy, as well as increased body awareness and understanding one’s physical abilities (i.e. strength, flexibility, speed). Basketball camps, for example, will combine a variety of training that helps players become better in many ways, from ball handling skills like rebounding and passing to improve dexterity and precision to strength training to help develop strength and power.

Self confidence

Like the first day at school or a new job, joining in with a group of new people is a great way of building self-confidence, and building it quickly. Here at Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball we provide an holistic experience that is specifically designed to develop our players as fully as possible and to help them grow as young adults as well as players. Our team are not just basketball coaches, but mentors dedicated to, and invested in, every player on an individual level. We don’t just change your game, we change your life.

Team building

Attendance at school holiday programs will also help strengthen team building skills. This can mean having a responsibility that contributes to the overall success of the team or the success of just one other team member. The key takeaway from such an experience will always be how to better contribute to the team effort overall and help make it as strong as possible.

Stepping away from technology

Another bonus of getting involved with a school holiday program is having to put down the mobile or turn off the television. As a society we’ve become so dependent on the technology that fills our lives that it can be easy to forget there is so much fun to be had without it!

At the Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball camps, we focus on providing every player with a full range of skills that extend far beyond the court and that will benefit them in their everyday lives. If you are thinking about basketball camps in Melbourne or local school holiday programs, we’re here to help. We offer a variety of training options to help you take your game to a whole new level, both on the court and off it.

Pro Basketball Coaching Tips to Increase Your Vertical Jump

Being able to jump high is a desirable skill in many sports, but particularly in basketball, when you want to make a spectacular shot. If you’re struggling to get some serious height, we have some pro basketball coaching tips to help you.

The Mechanics of a Good Vertical Jump

Good vertical jumpers have some characteristics in common. You’ll need good “spring,” which involves powerful muscles with the ability to dynamically shorten and stretch. It is also important to decent upper body strength to create upward momentum. Unfortunately, if you lack the sprinter type muscles, you may struggle to be a champion jumper, and you’ll need to work hard to maximise your jump height.

Condition Your Body

Just like sprinters, high jumpers and hurdlers, it is crucial to be well conditioned to achieve a good vertical jump. Try incorporating light jogging for 10 to 15 minutes into your routine a couple of times a week.

Training to Improve Your Jumping Ability

To maximise your jumping ability, you’ll need power and strength. You will also need to optimise the muscles you’re carrying, but regardless of your sport, there may be a trade off in jump performance against speed, agility, and mobility. Great strength and large muscles don’t automatically create a great athlete or superb jumper. Remember, there is no benefit to having great jumping talents if you have poor court skills.
The end goal of training for most athletic performance standards including vertical jumping is the execution of power. The power will be a product of speed of execution and strength. There are three phases of training to optimise your power; build basic muscle strength, emphasise strength and convert it to power. Plyometric exercises, such as box jumps, leaps, and tuck jumps can work to complement weight training. This can be accomplished at the gym, at the court or working in a park.

Exercises to Build Your Vertical Jump

The best exercises to convert strength to power are variations of conventional Olympic lifts. The clean, power clean, hang clean, push press, Romanian deadlift and high pull allows that explosive movement necessary to build vertical jump potential. The weight should be light enough to enable that explosiveness, but with enough burden to stimulate adaptation.
You can also add jump squats to this program. These are performed like a normal squat, but on standing, you should vertically push off with a little jump of 15 centimetres. Don’t aim to jump too high, as the landing and impact may cause injury. You don’t need a heavy weight for a jump squat, it needs to be sufficient to burden the jump, but light enough to allow that upward explosion.
A one legged jump squat can be useful, but they may be injury risky, so they are best avoided.

Putting it Together

To bring all of these exercises and new muscle memories together for a great vertical jump, you’ll need to practice. Repeatedly practice vertical jumps at the hoop to build your new skill. Remember that while weight training can be beneficial for most sports, it is crucial to avoid overdoing it.

If you would like to build your skills and are considering basketball coaching in Melbourne, we’re here to help. We offer a wide variety of basketball coaching options to suit all your skill levels.

Benefits of Private Basketball Coaching, Melbourne Enthusiasts Should Know

Whether you’re a keen player or want to make it onto your local team, you may have considered private basketball coaching. Melbourne enthusiasts may be interested to know the amazing benefits offered with a personal basketball trainer.

Individual Attention

While basketball is certainly a team sport, private basketball coaching will allow you to work any weaknesses as you develop and improve your strengths. Private coaching will allow you to get your skills and confidence back after an injury or work on their own unique skill sets, athletic abilities, and characteristics.

Personalised Workouts

Unlike group training sessions, a personal basketball trainer can provide you with a personalised workout. The trainer can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, assess your current skill levels to develop personalised practice plans. This continually pushes players to make improvements. A customised workout will also squeeze the most out of your training sessions as your specific needs, and wants will be addressed.

Quality Reps

Personal trainers also focus on the fundamentals. During private basketball coaching, you’ll be encouraged to focus on proper form, footwork, core balance and all the other essential techniques that differentiate the high quality reps from bad. A personal basketball training will always ensure that every drill will be properly executed, so you will make the most of every workout.


A personal basketball training also encourages 100% participation. There is nowhere to hide amongst a crowd of players on the court. So, you’ll be required to make high repetitions in specific time frames. Your trainer will keep track of your stats, so that you can make significant improvements over time. As a player, you’ll have the opportunity to develop, learn and improve all the individual skills that are necessary to succeed in a highly competitive team.

Individual Insight

Whether you’re a confident player or need a little boost, personal basketball training will allow you to benefit from individual insight. As you’re working one on one with a trainer, you’re sure to develop rapport and trust with them. You’re likely to find yourself encouraged to ask questions and seek understanding. This can be a massive boost to self confidence that can help promote leadership on the court.

Tips and Tricks

Finally, most professional basketball trainers have a great deal of expertise in the sport. Whether they’re former pro players, played on a college team or just love the sport, the trainers will have spent a great deal of time on the court. This means that you can gain access to this expertise and your trainer will provide you with some fantastic tips and tricks to help improve your game and avoid injury. Whether it’s a tip to improve your three point shot or how to more effectively warm up, your trainer is sure to have some tips to help you achieve your basketball goals.

If you’re considering private basketball coaching, Melbourne enthusiasts should speak to us. The Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball team includes experienced personal basketball trainers. You’ll also find our team is ready to answer any queries you may have to help you appreciate how private coaching could benefit your game.

Pro Basketball Coaching Tips to Get You Noticed on the Court

Whether you’re trying out for your school team or simply want to command a little respect on your casual weekend game, there are some pro basketball coaching tips to help get you noticed during team picks.

Focus on What You Do Well

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when trying to impress a coach or a captain picking a team by doing things outside your skills set. This can often be disastrous, so concentrate on what you do well. So, if you’re a good rebounder, be sure to grab every rebound, if you’re can handle the ball well, make the simple passes and simple moves. For goodness sake, if you’re not good at taking 3 point shots, don’t try to shoot one during a tryout. Many coaches have limited time, so you want to make a good first impression.

Maintain that Hustle

If you want to really impress on the court, you need to commit and develop a committed mentality. If the ball is on the floor, dive for it, sprint on fast brakes and sprint to the spots on the floor on defense. Be sure to maintain communication and be loud. Even if you’re not that great a player, if you can do the little things that will make a team great, you’ll be an asset to the team.

Try to Make a Good First Impression

Whether you’re at a formal tryout or crowded courtside to play a game, you don’t want to be one of those faceless guys in the crowd. So, you want to try to make a good first impression. Show enthusiasm by sprinting and standing tall. Don’t just hang back while the coach is talking, make eye contact and show you’re paying attention.

Be Loud

The court can be a hectic place, so you need to stand out. While you may assume that flashy moves will impress a coach, good communication is far more likely to gain attention. Communicate early, loud and often, so everyone on the court knows you’re ready for action.

Be a Super Teammate

Coaches want players who are super teammates and will make the players around them better. Adopt a great attitude and prioritise sportsmanship. This can help everyone to enjoy the game. Helping players off the floor and sticking to clean basketball, will show that you can be counted on to keep your cool and not have a negative impact on your team.

Arrive Early

Arriving early will not only show the coaches and other players that you care, but also provide you with the time to properly warm up. This will ensure that you’re ready to play a great game as soon as you hear the whistle. You’re also less likely to need a time out during play as you suffer with a cramp or other potential issues.

If you’re considering basketball training, Melbourne based Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball is here to help. We specialise in basketball coaching and can offer some pro tips to help you improve your game.

Considering Private Basketball Coaching? Melbourne Pro’s Explain the Importance of Focus

Focus is a vital element of basketball; it is crucial to follow coaches and players until you can develop great intensity. Private basketball coaching can help you learn to maintain focus and work on leadership skills, so you can help your team through discipline, communication, and mutual hard work. Teams with focus tend to enjoy the best performance, even if you don’t have the best players. If you’re considering private basketball coaching, Melbourne pros will build on this skill, but here we’ll explore why it is so vital for your game.

Focus On Your Talents

Even the best basketball players cannot do everything well. One of the key aspects of private basketball coaching is that the pro will help you to identify your natural talents and concentrate your focus on these areas. Whether you’re a scorer, defender or assist king, you need to concentrate on these areas, so you can be a real asset to your team.

Develop All Rounder Skills

While it is essential to focus on your specialist areas, you also need to improve your abilities to develop the skills of an all-rounder. The best players are capable of intense focus on defense, offense, passing, shooting, rebounding and hustle. This will allow you to be aware of everything going on around you during a game.

Find the Eye of the Storm

The calm inside the storm is almost a zen moment in many sports including basketball. Using your focus to find this sweet spot will allow you to perform at your highest level in even the most intense or chaotic game activity. Focusing on the eye of the storm will let you stay calm inside your head while allowing your body to complete great intensity tasks.

Shift Your Opponents Focus

Although your own focus is vital, it can also be used to shift your opponent’s focus. This can cause greater chaos for their game as you prevent them from doing what they like best. Shifting your opponent’s focus will cause them to have to do unfamiliar things in every aspect of the game and put them on the back foot.

Improve the Greater Calmness of Your Team

Personal focus can also help to increase team focus, encouraging greater calmness. You can unite your team with the common bond of performing well, as all of you focus on being confident and prepared for anything that will happen in the game. Developing great personal focus will help you to encourage your team members as you point out their strengths, communicate and get everyone excited.

Improve Your Strength With the Ball

Strength in executing plays and being strong with the ball will have a massive impact on the game. Being focused allows you to appreciate what will have little chance of success during the chaos of the game and avoid them. Maintaining your focus will prevent your opponent taking you off your mark and help to establish your team chemistry in even the most intense game.

If you want to improve your focus and game with private basketball coaching in Melbourne, Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball is here to help. We offer a variety of classes, courses, and private basketball coaching, and would be delighted to help. Contact us today!

Great Ways Holiday Basketball Camps Can Teach Your Kids to be a Top Basketball Player

Holiday basketball camps are not only a fantastic way to keep your kids active during the school break, but they can actually offer benefits when school resumes. When it comes to choosing school holiday programs, Melbourne parents may not be aware that some programs can actually offer kids some new skills that will teach them how to be a top player when they return to school. Here are just some of the ways a school holiday basketball camp could benefit your child.

Teaches the Rewards of Hard Work

To be a star player on a school team, children need to be dedicated and hard working. When they are trying to distinguish themselves among large numbers of their classmates, children can easily become dejected. However, holiday basketball camps offer a smaller class ratio, so kids can really appreciate the rewards of hard work. Camps show children what intense focus and a no-nonsense attitude can help them to achieve. Whether it is learning to take charge on the court or learn effective strong attacks on the hoop, when children can see the rewards of their hard work, they will feel more confident when trying out for the school team.

Develops Power

Being powerful on the court is one of the primary characteristics of a great player. Great players are not easily pushed around, and in fact, they can dictate the rhythm, intensity, and tempo of the game. School holiday basketball camps encourage children to develop this powerful presence. They will learn to use their body to impose their will both defensively and offensively, so they can decide where to go, not their opponent.

Improved Strength and Speed

When attending basketball camps, Melbourne kids will spend a great deal of time on not only boosting their game, but also improving the core skills of strength and speed. These skills are often the separators between the average player and a high school basketball star. Working a basketball program will help your child to improve their strength and speed so that they can learn to stop a player in one to one scenarios without risking injury.

Encourage Leadership

The best players are humble and care about their team, They take a selfless attitude and are more concerned with the win than getting named as the hero of the game. This is a critical leadership skill that can be encouraged at a basketball camp. Working with the camp coaches and other players in a focused environment will encourage your child to serve others and do things well that will make them stand apart as a natural leader, both on and off the court.

Spot the Separators

Even if your child is the best basketball player in their school, a dedicated camp will show them how to spot the separators. Being among other talented players will help your child look for the natural abilities of players, so they can work on their own strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re considering a school holiday program in Melbourne, parents should contact us to find out more about our current holiday basketball camps tailored to suit all skill levels. We would be delighted to help develop your child’s skills and talent and help them have some fun along the way.

Considering Basketball Classes for Kids? How Much Training is Too Much?

Basketball lessons for kids are a great way to develop young athletes. Basketball classes for kids can encourage a love of the game and build on an interest. However, before you sign up for classes, you need to think about whether you’re planning on too much training and if your kids are doing too much.

Aren’t All Kids Lazy Now?

While there is a growing trend of juvenile obesity and diabetes, not all kids are stuck in front of their games consoles. Although many kids don’t do very much physical activity, some are actually doing far too much.

So, before you assume that all kids are lazy and getting them signed up for basketball classes is a fantastic idea, ask yourself if your child fits into this stereotype and whether they are taking on too much.

One of the dangers of overdoing basketball classes for kids is that it can have a negative effect of the development of a young athlete. Your child could be at risk of sports burnout, overuse injuries and even missing out on their childhood.

How Much is Too Much

There is a range of training that parents and also players need to consider. There are other variables that will affect how much is too much. Some research suggests that children should limit training to one hour a week for each year of the child’s age. For example, a ten year old wanting basketball lessons should be limited of no more than ten hours a week.

However, you also need to consider that children are encouraged to play other sports. Early specialisation in basketball is not necessarily the right choice for the child. It is not considered appropriate for children under the age of fourteen to specialise in just one sport. So, you need to consider what commitment is required for a particular sport. If a coach requires a year around commitment of ten hours a week of practice and competition, this could dominate the child’s sport capacity, particularly when you include in school gym classes, unorganised free play or other skills training. You may find that if your child enjoys two sports, they could be playing and training for thirty hours a week. For a twelve year old, this is well above the recommended training amounts and could promote player burnout or injuries.

What’s the Solution?

Parents who have concerns about whether training is too much need to seek out like minded coaches. Before signing up for basketball classes for kids, they should speak with the coach to check that they are taking other activities outside of training into consideration. Remember that young players hate to disappoint coaches, so you need to set the tone from the first class.

If you’re considering basketball classes for kids, you should speak to us. We specialise in basketball lessons for kids, and we can tailor a training schedule to suit your child’s requirements. You’ll also find the Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball team ready to answer any queries or concerns you may have.

Developing Skills at Basketball Camps: More Skills Means More Time

Basketball camps are a great way to build the fundamentals and develop skills. This is not only fantastic for confidence levels but once you return, having more skills is bound to translate into more time on the court during games. So, here we’ll look at how to improve in several key areas for maximum development.

Hard Skills

The first focus of basketball camps is usually developing hard skills. Hard skills are built by intentionally focusing and repeating movements such as ball handling, offensive skills, and shooting. Serious players work for hours each day depending on their age, abilities and specific goals. Improvement in hard skills should be viewed as an investment of time. So, while you’ll want your child to develop advanced skills, hard skills should be a key component of the camp schedule as these critical fundamentals are a vital platform to build from.

Soft Skills

The second focus of basketball camps, Melbourne parents should prioritise is the development of soft skills. Your children need to understand the game specifically and learn the nuances to react. Developing soft skills is best accomplished in competitive, intensive settings that allow for opportunities to get possession of the ball. A basketball camp provides the opportunity to play plenty of one on one, three on three or anything that will provide more touching of the ball.

Physical Training Plans

Basketball camps are not just about developing the obvious basketball skills, and physical training should be part of the curriculum. This involves building quickness, strength and vertical jump. The camp trainers will be able to evaluate your child’s strengths and weaknesses and work out the most efficient way to see growth in these areas.


Another key element that will help your child to see more court time is developing confidence. As your child masters hard and soft skills, they should feel more confident in their abilities. A basketball camp is a fantastic way for children to develop the mental toughness that separates good and great players.

Goal Accountability

Finally, providing accountability to goals is vital to maximise development. The reason why many consider camps to be such great training places is that the players are saturated in hard and soft skill training and can make the important changes needed.

If your child is involved in regular practices, you may not see the benefits of a basketball camp, but this immersive experience can provide fantastic skill development for your child. Basketball camps can help your child to develop more skills that will show coaches that your child needs to be off the bench and on the court for more game time.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of School basketball camps, Melbourne parents should speak to us. We offer a wide selection of basketball camps for all ages, and you’ll find the Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball team ready to answer any queries or questions you may have. We would be delighted to help your child develop new skills and see more court time.


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