Steps to Maximise Time at School Holiday Programs

When considering school holiday programs, Melbourne parents often want to focus on their child’s interests and passions. However, while you want your child to enjoy themselves, it is still possible to maximise their time with the right preparation.

Warm Up:

A good warm up is vital for games, but it is also important for practices. Taking a few minutes before each practice will not only help to prepare your child to make the most of their practice session, but also reduce the risk of an injury. After all, you won’t want your child to miss out on their school holiday programs if they suffer an injury in week one. A simple warm up should include:

Jogging: An easy jog down the length of the court, before pausing and jogging back to the baseline.

Back Pedal: WIth hands up, run to half court and back to the baseline. Pause before repeating.

Skipping: Skipping as high as possible, go the length of the floor. Extend the right hand has the right knee comes up and vice versa.

Hopping: Travel halfway up the court, hopping on one leg before changing legs at half court.

Sprints: Sprint to the half court line and then jog back to the baseline. Pause and repeat.

Shooting Drills:

While shooting drills may seem redundant and simple, they are essential to developing great shooting skills. Rather than spending scheduled time in school holiday camps, encourage your child to perform these practices solo in their spare time.

Mikan’s: Facing the basket, step back on the left foot and shoot a right hand lay up. When the ball rebounds repeat using the left foot. Continue until 12 shots have been made.

McHale’s: Using one hand, tip the ball off the backboard or a wall ten times right handed and then 10 times left handed.

Daily Dozen: From the corner of the free throw line, dribble to the basket and shoot with your right hand. Rebound the ball and use two dribbles to the opposite elbow. Pivot and dribble once to shoot left handed. Repeat until you make a dozen shots.

Game Shots: Finally, concentrate on the types of shots and areas that will be used in a game. These should be shots taken at game speed and ensure you also make some free shots.

This warm up should get your child breaking a sweat and help them to feel mentally and physically ready to get the best use of the official practice time.

If you’re thinking about school holiday programs, Melbourne parents should speak to us. We offer a range of school holiday camps to help your child develop their basketball skills and expand their love of the game. You’ll also find the Tomorrow’s Stars team ready to answer any queries you may have to help you choose the best school holiday programs for your child.

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