8 Things to Look for in a Basketball Training Programs

8 Things to Look for in a Basketball Training Programs

Whenever each term break comes, you’ll want to keep your child active through productive activities. If they’re budding basketball players, you will want to take advantage by enrolling them into a program that provides solid basketball training. If you’re new to school holiday basketball camps, here are 8 things you should be looking for in a proper training program.


It can be easy to let your child’s term breaks just pass by without you noticing. But instead of letting them go to waste, why not use them to help your child develop important lifelong skills through sports training?

With basketball being a fun and fast-paced game with a very relatively simple concept (just put the ball inside the hoop!), it’s become a globally popular sport. And with many homegrown Aussie stars playing in the NBA and even local leagues, children are finding it easier to see themselves as the next big stars. This has included big names such as Ben Simmons, Andrew Bogut, Joe Ingles, Patty Mills, and the list of names keeps growing every year. Thankfully, it’s easy to find great school holiday basketball camps in Melbourne and other major metropolitan centers in Australia. All that’s left is for you to find the right one for your child. Here are just eight of the most important tips parents should keep in mind when looking for a basketball training program.

Analyse the Player’s Skill Level

The most important place to start is to determine what level your child is currently at. If they’ve been playing for a while and you have any previous footage, try to get a good handle on how your child plays by re-watching them. If they’re just starting out, then even basic information such as their current stamina level and physical measurements can help you narrow down the right program.

Know What the Player Wants

Of course, it’s also key to know what exactly any child wants out of basketball. In particular, find out if they’re doing it to hopefully pursue a professional playing career or simply to get the most out of a fun sport that they enjoy. Do they want to simply better enjoy pick-up games at the local court? Or is their dream to become a future NBL or even NBA player? Whatever your child wants out of basketball, surround them with the appropriate environment to keep them engaged the most.

Ask for Referrals

Try to ask other parents who’ve taken their children to basketball training programs. Another parent who’s had experience will be able to give you ideas on what to expect, recommend a camp, or tell you which ones to avoid. However, you’ll also have to understand that personal experiences can vary between different players and parents. Still, you’ll want to get every bit of easy-to-get information that you can to help you decide.

A Nearby Camp Has Its Benefits

If you want to monitor your child’s development, it’ll be convenient to go for a camp that’s nearest to where you live. Additionally, this will also have additional benefits for your child’s development as a basketball player. After all, the nearer the camp, the easier the child will be able to recover—keeping them at their peak more consistently throughout their term break.

Look Up the Training Staff

Commonly, you’ll find ex-professionals on basketball training programs—both players and coaches. Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball, for instance, is headed up by former-NBL player, Brett Rainbow. But based on the previous considerations, you should put star power second and just focus on getting the right type of coaching for your child. Once you have the names of key people on a training staff, just do a quick search and find out what other people say about them. This can give you vital information for deciding from a list of school holiday basketball camps.

Nothing Beats Actual Playing Time

At all levels of basketball, drills are a vital and unavoidable part of training. Still, nothing beats actual playing time when it comes to learning how to play any game. That’s why you want a camp where children can put their skills to good use with some actual on-court minutes. You’ll be surprised how much harder it is to make shots in a game’s proper flow, with defenders and teammates running along with you.

Go for the Appropriate Training Intensity

There is such a thing as overtraining. You don’t want to increase the risk of future stress-related injuries for your child through overly harsh training habits. Keep the player’s current skill level and goals when deciding the right basketball training program. Aside from taking care of your child’s short-term health, developing the appropriate training habits can also pay off in the end.

Remember Who the Camp Is For

It’s easy to forget that in the end, it’s all about your child. Try not to get carried away by putting your own considerations as a parent ahead of those of who’ll actually be playing. Try to continuously talk to your child throughout the entire experience and see where they’re at mentally and physically. This should let you know if the current basketball camp is working well for them. This could also be great for determining if you can keep going to the same camp for the next term break. Alternatively, this can also help you to determine if another holiday training program might pan out better next time.

A Final Word

The right basketball training does more than help encourage a child’s healthy physical development. Indeed, attending basketball training camps can provide many benefits for your child’s development that go beyond simply excelling at the sport. With all the above considerations, you can help your child make the best out of their school holiday with the ideal basketball training camp for them.

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