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“Before signing up to this jump program I couldn’t touch the net but now I can dunk easily.

Want to increase your bounce rapidly? Then join this program. You’ll see your whole game change.


“I purchased the 12 week pack for my son. After seeing the incredible results, I decided to let the whole basketball team use it as part of their workout.

Money well spent!.


“This jump program for basketball does exactly what it says. It will increase your vertical jumping ability without fail. The drills are easy to do and easy to follow. I’m definitely jumping higher and more explosive.

I had my first dunk in a school game the other day.. Felt AMAZING! ”


Brett & Shannon

” I had all 5 of my family members on this tour and it was highly successful in terms of experiencing the American culture, developing and playing some enjoyable basketball. There were many great memories made on the trip which I know my family will cherish for the rest of their lives.

This is the only USA Basketball Tour I would trust for this experience. Thank you guys!

Michael & Daniella

“Brett Rainbow and staff provided us with a fantastic experience for our first tour. We felt more than confident to signup our whole family on this tour of a lifetime. Our son played in high standard tournaments and experienced the full culture of America, as well as enjoying some very exciting activities such as Disneyland and hiking to the Hollywood Sign. A great trip!

Everything we expected and more!

Justin & Jenny

“A fantastic tour enjoyed by everyone. My family and I ticked off so many things from our bucket lists. Playing basketball on the Staples Center court, swimming with wild dolphins in Hawaii, court-side seats to a Lakers game, high-fiving Steph Curry in the players tunnel and so much more!”

The tour was incredible and we would do it again in a heart beat! ”

Mario & Marie

“Our son had an absolutely amazing trip to the point that he cannot identify the best moment of the tour or the highlight of the trip. It was one incredible experience followed by the next. Our son has been very inspired after watching two college games up close which also included an amazing behind the scenes fan experiences.

Our son has come back to Australia determined to improve and develop his skills even further and has a completely different outlook on his basketball career. ”


“Even though it’s your business and we pay for the privilege, the way you handle and inspire my boys gives me joy like you couldn’t believe. They both listen and absorb information from you that I could never get through to them being their old man. I’m not sure who loves it more, me or them. You might just be the guy that saves my son. He’s always been in his brothers shadow but now is starting to find his own identity through his basketball all because of you.

My friend you are very, very good at what you do and I’m sure I’m not the only parent that thinks like me. Thank you for all that your doing with our sons.


“I enjoyed the fact that the importance of life overshadowed the basketball skills being taught. Every drill had specific goals which were then reinforced with amazing demonstrations. The clear communications about the real-life issues that young people deal with…It was great to see our son and daughter being able to utilize their development from the last camp. Great Camp!

Taking the time to teach young people what it takes to be successful in life and in basketball is amazing to see. We got so much more out of this camp than expected.


“I liked the “flow” of the camp. The combination of basketball drills appeared well thought out so that the kids got exposed to basketball skills, character building and principles of success. My son remained engaged. Before the camp I was concerned he might not be ready for a skills focused camp but within the first few hours I was certain we have made the right decision.

Basketball skills and principles of success!…. My son remained engaged for the whole camp.