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Everything You Need to Know About Kids’ Basketball Coaching Classes

Are you considering enrolling your child in private basketball coaching classes but aren’t sure what it involves? This post is for you! Private basketball training for kids can provide beneficial support and guidance for a player, helping them to develop skills that they can use on and off the basketball court. 

When is my child ready for basketball training class?

If your child is passionate about basketball and wants to take their game play to the next level, private one-on-one training could be exactly what they need. Private classes allow players to develop their skills at their own pace through customised training that has been designed specifically for them. 

Private parent/player lessons are a great way to support your child and spend quality time together learning new skills. In these classes, parents can train alongside their child and play a significant role in their improvement.

The great thing about private basketball training is that anyone can do it, no matter the age of the player or their skill level.

What value can a basketball training class add to my kid’s training?

Personal coaching sessions can help refine a player’s skills, boost their confidence and set them up to achieve their goals on and off the court. Whether your child is passionate about pursuing basketball professionally, or just loves the game, private basketball training is an excellent way to help them take the next step. 

While coaching helps advance a player’s skills in basketball, it is also beneficial for a number of mental and emotional factors too. Here are some of the major advantages of attending basketball training for kids:

One on one attention

When your child attends a one on one training session, they will receive the undivided attention of the trainer. This means the specialised trainer will be able to swiftly identify areas of weakness and apply strategies to help strengthen them. In a one on one session, a player can move at their own pace, and focus on the specific skills that they need to be stronger.

Tailored, personal approach

Flowing on from above, a one-on-one training session means more attention on a player and their specific needs. The trainer can design and implement custom training targeted specifically for your child. How is this beneficial? Players can advance much faster when the training is designed specifically for them.

Increased confidence

Confidence is crucial for a basketball player to compete at a high level. With private training, players can improve their skills, strengthen weak areas and boost their confidence in their own abilities. This is not only beneficial for their game, but is an important quality off the court, too.

Skills & habits for success

To go far in basketball requires so much more than perfecting shooting and dribbling. A good work ethic, perseverance and positive self talk are all key skills that a player needs to learn. Guided by an expert trainer in private lessons, players can develop the positive habits that are required for success.

Professional insight

It is very hard to be successful in any field without the support and guidance of someone who has been on the same journey before. In private basketball training, your child will receive first hand wisdom and advice from someone who has many years of experience and plenty of tips and tricks to pass along. 

If you are looking for basketball training for kids in Melbourne, check out the first-rate programs we offer at Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball. 

Three Key Elements in Basketball Training for Kids

Basketball classes are becoming more and more popular. This sport has been embraced by adults and children of all ages, but there are some key elements that often get overlooked during basketball training for kids. So, here we’ll explore these elements, so you can ensure that your child is ready to hit the court.


There are very few things that have more importance in basketball than balance. If you think about any move during basketball classes and you’ll find the proper balance is vital. During basketball training, Melbourne kids should be taught to stand with their feet shoulder width apart to evenly disperse their weight. This will not only help to stay in control of the ball and stop or start with ease, but also can help to minimise the risk of injury. With good balance, your child should find that jumping up to take that game changing shot can be achieved with greater precision. Improper foot balance is a primary cause of a drifting shot that hits the rim.


If you’ve watched a few kids sports classes, Melbourne parents may notice that many children are not taught proper pivoting. The player will stop the dribble and hold the ball. When the defender comes forward, the offensive player leans back until he gets tied up or even falls over. This is because of a lack of pivoting skills. Your child’s basketball classes should include teaching how to pivot in every direction without needing to change foot or travelling. This may seem like a minor fundamental, but it can make all the difference in a game, so pivoting should be taught as early as possible.

Positioning and Spacing:

Kids also need to be shown where they need to be on the floor. They need to be taught why the team shouldn’t herd the ball. Unlike junior soccer where the players may just chase the ball, this doesn’t really work in basketball. The children should understand that the purpose of the offense is primarily to get an open shot close to the basket. This can create an uncontested shot that will stop the opponents from getting a lay up.

If someone is driving towards the basket, the player shouldn’t run in unless there is a lane. So, your child’s coach should practice drills and understand what professional players are trying to do to improve their skills.

If you’re considering basketball training, Melbourne parents should speak to us. We provide specialist basketball training for kids of all ages. Our basketball classes are designed to not only help the kids have some fun, but also teach them the fundamentals and key elements of the game, so they can hit the court with confidence.

3 Fun Games for Basketball Classes for Kids

While basketball is a highly competitive sport, basketball classes for kids need to be fun. Children tend to find learning new skills easier in a fun environment. Games help children to learn new skills and techniques with a fun outlet for practice. So, here are just three fun games you may want to incorporate into your basketball training for kids.


HORSE is likely to be the most well known games that can be played in basketball classes for kids. It allows children to practice shooting skills and develop new techniques. Each player takes a turn shooting the ball. When the player makes a basket, the word HORSE is spelled out. The player who first spells the word, wins.

Around the World

This game is a great way to practice shooting from different areas on the court. While this game is fun, it also helps to improve consistency and accuracy. The game needs two or more players, and you start by picking at least five spots around the net in an arc. Each player has two tries at each shot before moving to the next spot. If you miss, you need to start again from the first spot.

The game can also be tailored for more advanced players, as you can increase the difficulty. From each point, the player needs to make different types of shot before they can move on. For example, the player may need to make a layup in spot 1, a 3 point shot, a half court shot, a 20 foot wing shot and a final layup. This makes the game better suited to the more advanced players and is excellent practice for a game.

Musical Basketball Dribble

This takes the concept of musical chairs to a whole new level. The game is designed to help children practice their dribbling skills, as they will need to work on controlling the ball and passing. The group of children stand in a circle and use one basketball. As the music starts, the child with the ball dribbles three times before passing to their neighbour. When the music is stopped, the child still holding the ball is out. This may seem simple, but passing and controlling the ball while dribbling can be a massive challenge. This game is not only likely to improve skills, but also help to break the ice if the children don’t know each other well yet.

If you are interested in basketball classes for kids, you should speak to us. We not only offer one to one coaching but many types of basketball training for kids. You’ll also find the Tomorrow’s Stars team is ready to answer any queries or questions you may have. We would be delighted to help your child learn new skills and realise their basketball potential.


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