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3 Fun Games for Basketball Classes for Kids

While basketball is a highly competitive sport, basketball classes for kids need to be fun. Children tend to find learning new skills easier in a fun environment. Games help children to learn new skills and techniques with a fun outlet for practice. So, here are just three fun games you may want to incorporate into your basketball training for kids.


HORSE is likely to be the most well known games that can be played in basketball classes for kids. It allows children to practice shooting skills and develop new techniques. Each player takes a turn shooting the ball. When the player makes a basket, the word HORSE is spelled out. The player who first spells the word, wins.

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This game is a great way to practice shooting from different areas on the court. While this game is fun, it also helps to improve consistency and accuracy. The game needs two or more players, and you start by picking at least five spots around the net in an arc. Each player has two tries at each shot before moving to the next spot. If you miss, you need to start again from the first spot.

The game can also be tailored for more advanced players, as you can increase the difficulty. From each point, the player needs to make different types of shot before they can move on. For example, the player may need to make a layup in spot 1, a 3 point shot, a half court shot, a 20 foot wing shot and a final layup. This makes the game better suited to the more advanced players and is excellent practice for a game.

Musical Basketball Dribble

This takes the concept of musical chairs to a whole new level. The game is designed to help children practice their dribbling skills, as they will need to work on controlling the ball and passing. The group of children stand in a circle and use one basketball. As the music starts, the child with the ball dribbles three times before passing to their neighbour. When the music is stopped, the child still holding the ball is out. This may seem simple, but passing and controlling the ball while dribbling can be a massive challenge. This game is not only likely to improve skills, but also help to break the ice if the children don’t know each other well yet.

If you are interested in basketball classes for kids, you should speak to us. We not only offer one to one coaching but many types of basketball training for kids. You’ll also find the Tomorrow’s Stars team is ready to answer any queries or questions you may have. We would be delighted to help your child learn new skills and realise their basketball potential.


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