Coach the Coach

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Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball applies a unique methodology for imparting coaching skills to parents, teachers and staff. Our methodology helps to create space within their day-to-day operations to focus on the essential purpose of their role.

By developing your organisation’s internal coaching capabilities, your club or school is more likely to attract and retain talented players

We enable coaches to understand the game of basketball better, whether you have ever played or not. Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball provides the essential tools and confidence required to take what you have learnt and translate that information to your players and teams.

We help to promote the transfer of knowledge internally, creating improved organisational resilience and a more positive club culture

Every Coach the Coach Program is run by former Melbourne Tigers NBL Championship Head Coach Alan Westover and former Melbourne Tigers NBL Championship Player and Specialised Basketball Trainer Brett Rainbow. Making this team something not to be missed.

Price Chart


(inc. GST)
Class #1
Includes lunch and 1 coaches board per coach
10 Coaches20 Coaches30 Coaches 1 Day, 6 Hours1 Day, 6 Hours1 Day, 6 Hours $2220$2520$2820 $222 per coach$126 per coach$94 per coach BUY NOWBUY NOWBUY NOW
Class # 2
Includes 1 coaches board per coach
10 Coaches20 Coaches30 Coaches 2 Days, 2x 3hrs2 Days, 2x 3hrs2 Days, 2x 3hrs $2160$2310$2460 $216 per coach$115.50 per coach$82 per coach BUY NOWBUY NOWBUY NOW
Class #3
Includes 1 coaches board per coach
Upto 10 CoachesUpto 20 CoachesUpto 30 Coaches 3 Hours3 Hours3 Hours $1200$1200$1700 Westover OnlyRainbow OnlyTogether BUY NOWBUY NOWBUY NOW
Coaching skills methodology utilises a coaching framework
helping coaches build skills, focusing on

Effective teaching techniques

A coaching approach to staff and client management

Establishing and teaching basketball drills and skills

Giving and receiving feedback

Identifying underlying issues that are driving behaviour

How to get the best out of players

Recognising different stages of development in players

Translating training methods into actual games

Managing players and parents

Confidence in coaching

Knowledge of the game


Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC)

1 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park

North Melbourne Recreation Centre

204-206 Arden Street, North Melbourne

Templestowe Heights Primary School

276-300 High Street, Temple Lower

Belmont High School

Rotherham Street, Belmont

Epping YMCA Leisure City

41-53 Millers St Epping

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