7 Great basketball games for kids to practice

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world and comes with a range benefits. These include increased socialisation, improving cardiovascular health, boosting the immune system, burning calories and better coordination. All of these are important to the development of children.

To get the most out of your basketball, you need to train hard. But it doesn’t always have to be hard work. Here are seven basketball games that you will all absolutely love.


The first player has to invent a shot, explain it to the other players and then take the shot. Examples of shots can be hopping on one leg, shooting from a tough angle or throwing the ball between their legs. If they make the shot, then the next player tries to replicate it. Each time a player misses their shot they are given a letter, starting with H for HORSE and the ball moves to the next player and so on. When a player’s letters spell the entire word HORSE, they are eliminated. The last player standing wins the challenge.


With two basketballs, players line up behind the free throw line. The first player takes a shot and immediately after, the second player can also. If the first player misses, they have to rebound their own ball and make the shot (from anywhere). The second player does the same, and if they make their shot before the person in front of them, the first player is eliminated. If the first player makes the basket first, they pass the ball to the next person in line, and they shoot a free throw, and then follow up a miss from anywhere. Whenever the player behind hits their shot before the other person, they knock them out. The game keeps going until one player is left the winner.

Around the world

This game involves making shots one after another from multiple spots in an arc around the court. Each player shoots from the first spot, and if they make it, they move to the next spot and get another turn. If they make that, they continue to the next spot and so on. Once they miss, the next player shoots. And they continue moving from spot to spot until they miss. The first player to go all the way round wins the game.

Musical baskets

Similar to musical chairs, you require the same amount of basketballs as there are players. All the balls are placed in a circle and the players walk around the circle until the music stops. The players all grab a basketball and have to make a shot, sitting down when they make it. The last person standing is eliminated and the game starts again with one less ball and player.

Dribble limbo

For this game, each player has to limbo under a pole while dribbling a basketball. After every player has either succeeded or failed once, the pole is lowered and the players who succeeded in the first round get to limbo and dribble again. This continues until only one player is left as the winner.

Basketball relay

Two teams line up along the baseline and the first player in each team dribbles a basketball to the opposite baseline or half court and then back again. Once the second player receives the ball, they do the sme thing. Each player repeats the process and the first team to have all their players complete the relay wins.


This is a freestyle game where the first player to score 21 points wins. If they go over 21 points, however, their score is reduced to 11. Following each winning shot, that player has three free shots in a row, but if they think they might go over 21, they can refuse these free shots. This is a game of defence and offence and you can even make up your own rules!

These games are a great way to stay active and improve your basketball skills. In conjunction with private basketball coaching, this will help you develop your game. For more information, call Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball on 1300 872 255.

Important Tips to Get the Most out of Basketball

It takes years of practice and hard work to become a good basketballer. Even the best players in the world still put in endless hours each week honing their skills and trying to improve their game to give them the edge against their competition.

When Andrew Gaze was at his peak for the Melbourne Tigers, leading the NBL in scoring, he was still always one of the first to training, practicing his shooting and developing his skillset.

After winning an NBA championship, Michael Jordan spent his entire summer practicing twice a day, 6 days a week. Each session, the Bull’s superstar would take a minimum of 500 jump shots, which adds up to over 6000 shots every week!

While practice and repetition is the key, basketball players are always looking for ways to immediately improve their game and add value to their team. Here are some strategies to help you immediately improve your game and steer you on the road to success.

Warm up properly

Warming up and stretching before training sessions and games will not only improve your performance but help you to avoid injury.  Taking good care of your muscles and joints will allow you to reach your fitness goals faster.

Here are specific warmup and stretching drills you can use:

  • Low-intensity cardio
  • Stretching, mobility drills, and jumping
  • High knees
  • Ladder drills
  • Lateral defensive slides
  • Seated and standing hamstring stretches
  • Seated saddle stretch
  • Achilles stretches

Always get to your trainings and games with plenty of time to spare, so you can warm up adequately. Stick to your stretching routine and you’ll see a major improvement in your flexibility and speed.

Focus on agility

If you want to stand out on the court, working on your agility is critical. There are two main ways to achieve better agility. Firstly, focusing on speed and reaction time during training will yield results. Agility is best practiced with other people, so make the most of group training sessions.

Secondly, fitness training and time at the gym are crucial for optimising your agility. Some of the best workouts for increasing agility include:

  • Lateral Plyometric Jumps
  • Shuttle Runs
  • Dot Drills
  • Tuck Jumps
  • High knee, forward running drills
  • Lateral, side to side running drills

If you have a trainer or fitness specialist, ask them about exercises that will improve your agility further, that suit your specific body type and fitness levels.

Improving your gameplay will require time and effort and mastering your agility on the court is an important step in the process.

Communicate with your coach and team

Basketball is as much about communication as it is about being quick on the court or having superior skills. Whether you’re discussing strategy, calling a shot or helping on defence, communicating more will make you better both on and off the court.

Likewise, being a good listening and taking note of suggestions from others can greatly increase your effectiveness as a team member. More frequent and better quality communication will translate into smoother passes and fewer turnovers on the court.

Know when to rest

Basketball requires endurance and an extremely high level of focus and mental capability. Exerting high volumes of energy can be both exhausting and rewarding. It’s important to know when to rest, so your body has time to recover. Pushing too hard can result in injury and your development will suffer as a result.

Being in top shape both physically and mentally means taking the time to rest both your muscles and your mind. If you’re recovering from an injury, you will likely want to get back out on the court as soon as possible. But going too hard too soon can increase the likelihood of further injury, so it is important to know your limits. Talk to your coach or trainer about possible alternative solutions to staying in the right headspace and getting back into training and playing in a safe and practical way.

Never stop improving yourself

Ask yourself, is there anything more I can do for myself and my team? Identify this, and work on it immediately. As mentioned earlier, even the greatest players in the world keep working hard, long after they become a star.

And even if you have a long way to go, always remember that every individual has something special and unique to bring to a team. Whether it’s a skill or an ability to bring a group together, always work on your strong points and stay positive.

Becoming a great basketball player doesn’t happen overnight, but there are many things you can do that can have an immediate impact on your performance.

If you’re passionate about the game and would love to improve your skills, we’d love you to join our private basketball training sessions or sign up for a one-on-one coaching session, tailored to bring the best out of your individual game.



Stay up to date


Stay up to date

We’ve got hygiene and customer wellbeing covered.

Health and hygiene management is our new normal. We are focused and super organised around ensuring our customers and staff can enjoy a safe and clean environment. Our enhanced safety measures include.

Staying Healthy:

  • Consistent increased cleaning to ensure surfaces are disinfected throughout the day.
  • Keeping maximum airflow in the stadium by keeping air conditioning, entry doors and windows on and open at all times.
  • The size and scale of our stadiums allows for significant personal space between customers and social distancing in stadiums is promoted and enforced.
  • We smile but don’t touch. We ask our coaches and customers to unite in maintaining our sense of connection from a safe distance.
  • Our coaches are regularly monitored and tested for any symptoms.

Players Feeling Unwell:

  • As per advice from health authorities, if any player has flu-like symptoms, you should seek your doctor’s advice and not attend any of our basketball programs.
  • If any player attends any of our basketball programs and appears or reports being unwell, they will not be able to participate in the program and will be required to leave the stadium.

We continue to closely monitor the ongoing Victorian Government and World Health Organisation advice and will only run programs if it is deemed safe to do so. Once again, we appreciate your continued patience, support, and cooperation throughout these times.

Stay safe and healthy. 

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Training Camps

Does Your Kid Love Basketball? How About School Holidays Training Camps

Have you considered enrolling your child in a basketball training camp over the school holidays? If your child loves basketball, it could be the highlight of their holidays. Training camps offer kids a fun environment where they can improve their skills, make friends and build their self-worth.

Why should you choose a school holiday basketball camp for your kid?

There are many benefits of basketball camps that go beyond improving a child’s dribbling and shooting skills. In fact, basketball camps are great for boosting a child’s confidence, showing them the rewards of hard work and teaching them valuable team skills which go beyond the basketball court. 

  1. Learn skills that improve their game

Guided by expert coaches, children will learn skills and techniques to improve their game. As well as solidifying the basics such as shooting, passing and ball handling, training camps help children improve their game IQ and develop the mental skills that make a good player great. Immersing them in basketball over one or two days, a camp can be the push that gets a child to the next level in their game. 

  1. Build their confidence

As your child improves their skills and gains valuable tools for the game, their confidence will grow. Mental and emotional goals like this are just as important as achieving physical goals, and basketball camps help encourage kids to strive towards both. 

  1. Develop team skills

As a team sport, learning to work with others is a key to success in basketball. Training camps foster the skills of cooperation and collaboration as children learn to support their team. While great for their basketball game, these team skills are invaluable in other areas of life too.

  1. Learn hard work & discipline

If your child has a goal or wants to get good at something, they have to learn the importance of hard work and discipline. At training camps, children learn that practicing regularly and having a good work ethic pays off. Confidence, clear focus and determination are just as important as knowing how to handle the ball when it comes to basketball, and they are also valuable life skills.

  1. Fun & friendships

Training camps are an active and fun way to spend the school holidays and a great place for kids to develop friendships with others who share their love of basketball. In the hands of expert coaches who are passionate about what they do, training camps provide a safe and exciting environment for kids to learn and grow while having fun. 

Camp For Your Kids

What are the best School Holiday Basketball Camps in Melbourne?

Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball camps are the best in Melbourne. Offering first rate coaching, unique skill work and incredibly talented staff, our camps give children the chance to improve their game in a supportive and positive environment. Run over one or two days in various locations across Melbourne and Victoria, we welcome players of all ages and skills to our school holiday camps.

Everything You Need to Know About Kids’ Basketball Coaching Classes

Are you considering enrolling your child in private basketball coaching classes but aren’t sure what it involves? This post is for you! Private basketball training for kids can provide beneficial support and guidance for a player, helping them to develop skills that they can use on and off the basketball court. 

When is my child ready for basketball training class?

If your child is passionate about basketball and wants to take their game play to the next level, private one-on-one training could be exactly what they need. Private classes allow players to develop their skills at their own pace through customised training that has been designed specifically for them. 

Private parent/player lessons are a great way to support your child and spend quality time together learning new skills. In these classes, parents can train alongside their child and play a significant role in their improvement.

The great thing about private basketball training is that anyone can do it, no matter the age of the player or their skill level.

What value can a basketball training class add to my kid’s training?

Personal coaching sessions can help refine a player’s skills, boost their confidence and set them up to achieve their goals on and off the court. Whether your child is passionate about pursuing basketball professionally, or just loves the game, private basketball training is an excellent way to help them take the next step. 

While coaching helps advance a player’s skills in basketball, it is also beneficial for a number of mental and emotional factors too. Here are some of the major advantages of attending basketball training for kids:

One on one attention

When your child attends a one on one training session, they will receive the undivided attention of the trainer. This means the specialised trainer will be able to swiftly identify areas of weakness and apply strategies to help strengthen them. In a one on one session, a player can move at their own pace, and focus on the specific skills that they need to be stronger.

Tailored, personal approach

Flowing on from above, a one-on-one training session means more attention on a player and their specific needs. The trainer can design and implement custom training targeted specifically for your child. How is this beneficial? Players can advance much faster when the training is designed specifically for them.

Increased confidence

Confidence is crucial for a basketball player to compete at a high level. With private training, players can improve their skills, strengthen weak areas and boost their confidence in their own abilities. This is not only beneficial for their game, but is an important quality off the court, too.

Skills & habits for success

To go far in basketball requires so much more than perfecting shooting and dribbling. A good work ethic, perseverance and positive self talk are all key skills that a player needs to learn. Guided by an expert trainer in private lessons, players can develop the positive habits that are required for success.

Professional insight

It is very hard to be successful in any field without the support and guidance of someone who has been on the same journey before. In private basketball training, your child will receive first hand wisdom and advice from someone who has many years of experience and plenty of tips and tricks to pass along. 

If you are looking for basketball training for kids in Melbourne, check out the first-rate programs we offer at Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball. 

5 Most Important Benefits of Basketball Classes

Have you tried basketball? Are you still deciding whether it’s the sport for you? Not only is basketball a fun and exciting sport to play, but there are many benefits to basketball that you may not realise. By joining a team or taking basketball classes you can expect to receive these five benefits. 

No Limits  

Basketball is a game for everyone. It doesn’t matter what age or the ability of a player, you can play casually or competitively, whichever category suits you there’s a basketball class available. Basketball can also be practised both solo, one-on-one or as a team, with any number of players. Another advantage that basketball has over other sports is that it is generally played indoors and so can be played all year round! 

Health & Fitness 

Basketball is a fast-paced game and so playing and training is an aerobic workout that both strengthens the body and increases your cardiovascular health. Basketball keeps the body moving and develops your fitness and endurance, balance and coordination and builds strength in muscles all over your body. With all these benefits you can expect to become a lean, mean, basketball machine the more you train and practise in preparation for the game. 


Learning to play basketball develops many beneficial pathways in our brains as well. Due to the fast-paced nature of basketball, you’ll gain better motor skills, reaction times, coordination and spatial awareness of your body. By committing to a sport, we also learn things like self-discipline and fairness, by turning up to training and following the rules of the game, as well as competitiveness by facing an opponent. 

Mental Health 

Exercise, in general, is great for your mental health. Moving our bodies releases feel-good hormones and can be a good way to release the stresses of our outside problems. But sometimes it’s hard to find exercise routines that are fun and easy to commit to regularly. Playing basketball is both fun and exciting so it’s a great way to be active without feeling like we’re exercising. Being part of a team also builds our self-esteem and teaches valuable life lessons in a supportive environment. 


In other sports, you might not always be part of a team. By playing a team sport you will gain both teammates and possibly new friends. This gives us a sense of belonging and confidence that playing an individual sport cannot offer. By playing basketball you’ll be part of a big team of players and will also learn sportsmanship by opposing other teams. 

If these five benefits of basketball haven’t quite convinced you to join a team, a good taste of what it’s like to play basketball is to attend a class. Attending basketball classes will teach you the basic skills you’ll need to feel confident signing up for a new team. Or if you prefer to focus on your skills in a one-on-one environment, private training is always available for your individual needs as a basketball player.

5 Things That Make an Excellent Private Basketball Training Program

It’s always a good idea to get your children into sports while they’re young. Playing sports imbues young people with positive core values, helps them develop social skills, and boosts their self-confidence. It keeps them active, which helps promote good bone and muscle growth, improves coordination and balance, and reduces their risk of developing childhood obesity. 

Basketball is one of the most well-known and beloved team sports played all over the world and is an excellent introduction to the world of athletics for any young person. The history of basketball in Australia dates all the way back to 1897, when the game was brought to our shores just six short years after its invention in a Massachusetts college. Though it took a number of decades to gain traction, it became a popular pastime due to its easy-to-follow rules and the fact that it could be played indoors or outdoors, rain or shine. 

If you are a parent looking to enrol your child into a sports training program as an after-school activity or to help them have something to do during term break, basketball camps are a fantastic choice. Sports camps typically focus on teaching young people the fundamentals first before delving into sports-specific technical skills, allowing your child to develop as an athlete. 

If you’d like to specifically advance their potential as a basketball player, one-on-one private basketball training with a coach allows for a more personalised learning experience. Below are some of the hallmarks of a good private basketball training program:

It’s run by someone who knows the sport

When you seek relevant knowledge on any subject, you would typically consult an expert in that field. In the same vein, a subject can only be effectively taught by someone who has a comprehensive understanding of it. One such expert is Brett Rainbow, founder of Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball.

Brett was a former professional player for the Melbourne Tigers and long-time coach for the basketball teams at Xavier College, Wesley College, Trinity Grammar, Christ Church Primary, and many more. He signed his first contract at the age of 16 and went on to have a long and illustrious career in the sport, which includes playing in the National Basketball League (NBL) and taking the championship title with his team in 1993 and 1997. He is a three-time Australian All-Star Slam Dunk Champion and is also the first Australian to have been selected to play in China as a professional in the Chinese Basketball Association. If you want your child to learn how to play basketball, you’ll find no one better than Brett and his handpicked team of experts at Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball.  

It instils and fosters positive values

Teaching the necessary sport-specific skills that can help your child get ahead is vital, of course. However, an excellent private training program motivates a young person into becoming the best person they can be, in and out of the court. 

The best programs are the ones that build up your child’s self-confidence, with a coach that truly believes and cares deeply about them. Even if they are being privately taught and trained, you want a program that will teach them about the importance of teamwork and cooperation. After all, basketball is still a team sport at the end of the day. A program that focuses on respect for fellow players and being a good sport will also help your child become courteous and well-adjusted. 

If you can, take the time out to observe how lessons are conducted. Are they conveyed in a positive manner, or is your child being berated for every little mistake? Is the coach light-hearted or heavy-handed? Is your child being given enough opportunities to think critically and solve problems? Studies have shown that children learn better and are motivated to work harder in an environment that favours positive over negative enforcement. Keep this in mind when you’re scouting for a suitable camp. 

It teaches discipline

In this context, we mean discipline not only in that a good private training course makes sure that your child understands how to play by the rules. We also mean that during these one-on-one sessions, he or she will learn, understand, and follow the code of conduct that is expected of all athletes regardless of the sport they play. 

We also mean “discipline” in that by going to these sessions, your child will learn how to follow routines. Most competitive sports are unpredictable by nature. Having structure and following routines not only gives your children a sense of comfort, order and stability, it also prepares them for any number of situations that may be challenging to foresee during a game. It hones the skills they have previously learned and helps them train their minds and bodies to identify common actions and how to react to those actions accordingly and consistently. 

It’s innovative and constantly being improved on

The very best training courses are the ones led by people who don’t rest on their laurels. The founder of Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball has won multiple basketball championships and is already considered one of the best in his field. He maintains that position by investing in relevant continuing education in order to constantly improve the quality of knowledge imparted to students enrolled to TSB’s programs, as well as the way those lessons are taught. 

Following his lead, the other experts at TSB are similarly committed to the same vision. Combining a strong foundation of fundamentals with the latest teaching and sports innovations is how TSB stays at the top of its game, teaching your child how to play basketball better. 

It’s detail-oriented

With private training sessions, the program is always tailor-made to suit your child’s age, abilities, and skill set. There’s no one else in the class, and this means that the coach’s attention is focused solely on helping them improve their game. Flaws can be spotted much more efficiently and duly corrected. 

Your child will receive lessons based on an adaptable, personalised curriculum tailored according to the way they learn, as well as the speed at which they can pick up concepts. Specific skills can be honed more intensively depending on their chosen position on the basketball team. 

The coach, on the other hand, can also provide meaningful feedback if he thinks that your child’s skills are suited to a different position. This custom approach is what sets excellent courses apart from the rest. 

Thousands of would-be stars all across the city of Melbourne have attended Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball private training classes to better their game, and the results have been phenomenal. Learn more about it here and sign your child up for a course today!

8 Benefits of Private Basketball Coaching

Professional basketball aspirants and athletes may initially be sceptical about taking up private basketball coaching. Melbourne-based players, however, should understand that every famous basketball superstar most likely had the same reservations when the same idea was pitched to them. While hard work and talent are definitely factors in their success, those very same basketball superstars also benefited greatly from the structured skill training that only private coaching can provide.

No matter what you think about having private basketball lessons, the simple truth of the matter is that no aspiring athlete can get to a professional skill level just by playing the game at home or at their nearby basketball court. There is a world of difference between a casual game of basketball and one played in the professional arena.

For every great player to harness their raw talent and reach their full potential, they need the type of coaching and training that will help prepare them for the professional basketball scene. With this in mind, here are the eight main benefits of private basketball coaching.

Personal Attention

Basketball is a sport that requires teamwork and cooperation between multiple players for success. However, just because the entire team has to work as a unit, it doesn’t mean that the individual player doesn’t matter. In fact, every individual even more significant, seeing as the rest of the team will be brought down if one of its members has serious deficiencies in their performance. Private training can quickly identify such weaknesses, as well as any erroneous habits that a player may have picked up in their casual enjoyment of the game. Through one-on-one training and rehabilitation, a coach can help an up-and-coming basketball player become a stronger and more skilful athlete.

A Tailored Approach

Another key advantage of professional private coaching is that the coach can easily and accurately assess a player’s current skill level. This will help the coach prepare a training plan that is tailor-made to the player’s specific strengths and weaknesses. With such a customised plan, the player will be able to improve their game more efficiently during their training time than with a generalised, one-size-fits-all training regimen.

High-Quality Repetition

Mastering the fundamentals of basketball is a major part of honing your skills to a professional level of play. This includes elements such as core balance, footwork, correct forms, and key basketball techniques. While these fundamental aspects can easily be taught and picked up, mastering them is another point entirely. Not only is it important to learn these fundamentals correctly, but also repeat them until they become second nature and ingrained into muscle memory. This critical part of the training process can only be achieved with the repetitions being made under the watchful supervision of a professional coach.  Having a coach to watch over the training process will ensure that the repetitions are being done correctly and eliminate errors that may end up becoming ingrained into the player’s ongoing performance.

High Quantity Repetition

Professional basketball coaching can be conducted at a higher repetition rate when there’s only one player being trained, rather than an entire team. This allows for a higher quantity of repetition in a very short period, which has the potential of improving the player’s game much more efficiently. The focused training will also help in building the player’s confidence as well as push them to develop the skills necessary to work as part of a team.

Health and Safety

Yet another benefit of participating in private basketball coaching is having a professional coach to assist the player in other important aspects besides training. This could be advice related to their diet or nutrition, the proper way to exercise, their sleeping patterns, and so on. The coach will also be there to constantly monitor the player’s health and performance, ensuring that the player doesn’t end up hurting or injuring themselves during training. This goes a long way towards minimising the chances of the player suffering a career-ending injury or health issue.

Professional Rehabilitation and Treatment

Besides helping the athlete develop healthier lifestyle choices as well as closely monitoring their health, a professional basketball coach will also be able to provide valuable advice and wisdom when it comes to rehabilitating difficulties or treating old injuries related to basketball. This includes specific training or physical therapy methods to undertake, as well as which specific medical practitioners to consult for treatment.

Motivation and Discipline

Having a professional coach mentor a player closely can motivate them to work harder and push themselves farther, more than simply training on their own. This can give them the gumption they need to become a better and more skilful athlete. What’s more, being made to answer to a professional coach during their training also helps instil discipline within the player, which will contribute greatly to their betterment not only inside the basketball court but also outside of it.

Professional Insight and Expert Advice

Finally, when a player works one-on-one with a basketball coach, they will eventually build a relationship based on mutual trust. This will foster an environment where feedback on both ends can be solicited and given, resulting in mutual improvement, as well as a deeper introspection of each other’s strengths. It’s in this environment where the player will also be able to discover the tips and tricks of the trade that will see them edging past the competition. They will also be able to gain their coach’s invaluable expert advice on how to go about their professional career, helping them steer clear of the many pitfalls that usually befall other aspiring basketball stars.

Private Training is Essential for the Serious Basketball Athlete

If you are serious about becoming a true professional in the basketball scene, then get in touch with us here at Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball. Our team of highly skilled basketball trainers and coaches are both knowledgeable and experienced in providing the quality private basketball coaching in Melbourne that will see you to the top and help you compete at a professional level. Contact us ASAP and see how we can help you dramatically improve your game.

What Are the 13 Original Rules of Basketball?

Have you considered signing up your child for basketball classes for kids? Or perhaps you’re thinking of getting them private basketball coaching lessons. Whichever the case, they’re a great way for your kids to spend their free time. The benefits of basketball coaching are quite numerous and significant to your child’s growth. This is especially true in this day and age where many parents are content to leave their offspring to the care of digital devices and TV screens, which can lead to unhealthy, sedentary lifestyles.

With that said, if this is your youngster’s first time to attend basketball camp, then you may want to look at giving them a history lesson about the original rules of the game. While this is not necessary, having them acquainted with the first rules of the game as written by the game’s inventor, Dr James Naismith, will help your child have a better understanding of basketball as a whole. Moreover, it will also enable them to appreciate the modern changes made in improving the game’s flow and play.

So what are the 13 original rules of basketball? Here they are in full:

  1. Proper ball throwing or passing

Players can throw, toss, or pass the ball in any direction within the designated game area, using either a single hand or both to do so. There are no penalties for throwing the ball with one hand in one moment and with both the next. It is up to the player’s discretion.

  1. Proper ball interception or defence

Whether in defence or offence, players can bat away the ball into any direction using one or two hands. However, the hands used must always be open while doing so, with all five fingers spread, and never closed or clenched into a fist.

  1. Proper ball possession

A player is forbidden from running with the ball. Instead, the player should immediately stop and throw it from the spot where he caught it. If the player has been running full-speed before catching the ball, they will be allowed to take a few steps in order to stop safely.

  1. Proper ball handling

A player must only use his hands to hold the ball, either in or between them. They must not use their arms or any other part of the body to remain in possession of the ball.

  1. Proper defensive and offensive behaviour

There will be no deliberate rough play during basketball. This means no blatant physical attacks or assaults towards an opponent during play, such as shouldering, pushing, grappling, holding, striking, or tripping. The first violation shall be counted as a single foul, the second will disqualify the offending player until the next goal is scored. If the referee or umpire finds that there was a clear intent to injure while committing a foul, then the disqualification will last for the entire game.

  1. Grounds for Fouling

Fouls are committed by a player committing the following acts: hitting the ball with a closed fist, as well as flagrantly violating the third, fourth, and fifth rules.

  1. Consecutive fouls

If one team makes three consecutive fouls, the opposing team will be given a goal point. This is only if all three fouls are made in succession, and without the opposing team committing a foul of their own in between any of those fouls.

  1. Proper Goal-scoring

A goal is scored when the ball is thrown or batted into the basket and remains inside the net. If the ball ends up resting on the edge of the basket, it will not count as a goal unless one of the defending players moves or interferes with the basket. In such an occurrence, it will count as a goal.

  1. Proper Out-of-Bounds Ball Handling

In the instance that the ball goes out of bounds, whoever makes physical contact with the ball first shall be given the right to throw it back into the field of play. The player throwing the ball will be allowed five seconds to do so. Failure to throw the ball within this time limit results in possession being awarded to the opposing team. Consecutive delays in this fashion will result in a foul being called on the offending team. Also, any disputes on the first-contact rule may result in the umpire throwing the ball straight into the field instead.

  1. Umpire Authority

The umpire has full authority on judging the actions of the players, especially when it comes to fouls. He will keep track of the fouls and notify the referee when three consecutive fouls have been made by a team. His authority also extends to disqualifying players as outlined in the fifth rule.

  1. Referee Authority

The referee has full authority on judging the state of the ball, such as deciding whether it is in play, out of bounds, or who is rightfully in possession of it. His responsibilities also include keeping time, declaring when goals are made, tallying up the goals made by both sides, and other refereeing duties.

  1. Proper Game Duration

A single game of basketball must only last for 35 minutes in total. This time limit constitutes of 15 minutes for each half, combined with a single period of rest in between that should last for five minutes.

  1. Grounds for Winning

The team with the most goals at the end of the duration of the game is declared the winner. In case of a tie, the game can continue until a single tie-breaking goal is made.

Knowing Basketball’s history results in a better appreciation for the sport

The rules listed above may seem primitive and even archaic when compared to the rules of today’s basketball, but we can definitely see what Dr Naismith was going for—to develop a sport that’s both physically engaging and thrilling, while still being safe and professional.

Teach your child about these rules before beginning basketball classes and he’ll have a better understanding of the game itself. This will lead to him appreciating the sport more. As for where your child can get the quality private basketball coaching Melbourne residents trust, Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball is an easy recommendation to make. It has superior quality training programs and capable basketball trainers, so you can rest assured your child will be trained by the very best.

Brett Rainbow giving basketball lessons to kids at School holiday basketball camp July 2019

8 Things to Look for in a Basketball Training Programs

8 Things to Look for in a Basketball Training Programs

Whenever each term break comes, you’ll want to keep your child active through productive activities. If they’re budding basketball players, you will want to take advantage by enrolling them into a program that provides solid basketball training. If you’re new to school holiday basketball camps, here are 8 things you should be looking for in a proper training program.


It can be easy to let your child’s term breaks just pass by without you noticing. But instead of letting them go to waste, why not use them to help your child develop important lifelong skills through sports training?

With basketball being a fun and fast-paced game with a very relatively simple concept (just put the ball inside the hoop!), it’s become a globally popular sport. And with many homegrown Aussie stars playing in the NBA and even local leagues, children are finding it easier to see themselves as the next big stars. This has included big names such as Ben Simmons, Andrew Bogut, Joe Ingles, Patty Mills, and the list of names keeps growing every year. Thankfully, it’s easy to find great school holiday basketball camps in Melbourne and other major metropolitan centers in Australia. All that’s left is for you to find the right one for your child. Here are just eight of the most important tips parents should keep in mind when looking for a basketball training program.

Analyse the Player’s Skill Level

The most important place to start is to determine what level your child is currently at. If they’ve been playing for a while and you have any previous footage, try to get a good handle on how your child plays by re-watching them. If they’re just starting out, then even basic information such as their current stamina level and physical measurements can help you narrow down the right program.

Know What the Player Wants

Of course, it’s also key to know what exactly any child wants out of basketball. In particular, find out if they’re doing it to hopefully pursue a professional playing career or simply to get the most out of a fun sport that they enjoy. Do they want to simply better enjoy pick-up games at the local court? Or is their dream to become a future NBL or even NBA player? Whatever your child wants out of basketball, surround them with the appropriate environment to keep them engaged the most.

Ask for Referrals

Try to ask other parents who’ve taken their children to basketball training programs. Another parent who’s had experience will be able to give you ideas on what to expect, recommend a camp, or tell you which ones to avoid. However, you’ll also have to understand that personal experiences can vary between different players and parents. Still, you’ll want to get every bit of easy-to-get information that you can to help you decide.

A Nearby Camp Has Its Benefits

If you want to monitor your child’s development, it’ll be convenient to go for a camp that’s nearest to where you live. Additionally, this will also have additional benefits for your child’s development as a basketball player. After all, the nearer the camp, the easier the child will be able to recover—keeping them at their peak more consistently throughout their term break.

Look Up the Training Staff

Commonly, you’ll find ex-professionals on basketball training programs—both players and coaches. Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball, for instance, is headed up by former-NBL player, Brett Rainbow. But based on the previous considerations, you should put star power second and just focus on getting the right type of coaching for your child. Once you have the names of key people on a training staff, just do a quick search and find out what other people say about them. This can give you vital information for deciding from a list of school holiday basketball camps.

Nothing Beats Actual Playing Time

At all levels of basketball, drills are a vital and unavoidable part of training. Still, nothing beats actual playing time when it comes to learning how to play any game. That’s why you want a camp where children can put their skills to good use with some actual on-court minutes. You’ll be surprised how much harder it is to make shots in a game’s proper flow, with defenders and teammates running along with you.

Go for the Appropriate Training Intensity

There is such a thing as overtraining. You don’t want to increase the risk of future stress-related injuries for your child through overly harsh training habits. Keep the player’s current skill level and goals when deciding the right basketball training program. Aside from taking care of your child’s short-term health, developing the appropriate training habits can also pay off in the end.

Remember Who the Camp Is For

It’s easy to forget that in the end, it’s all about your child. Try not to get carried away by putting your own considerations as a parent ahead of those of who’ll actually be playing. Try to continuously talk to your child throughout the entire experience and see where they’re at mentally and physically. This should let you know if the current basketball camp is working well for them. This could also be great for determining if you can keep going to the same camp for the next term break. Alternatively, this can also help you to determine if another holiday training program might pan out better next time.

A Final Word

The right basketball training does more than help encourage a child’s healthy physical development. Indeed, attending basketball training camps can provide many benefits for your child’s development that go beyond simply excelling at the sport. With all the above considerations, you can help your child make the best out of their school holiday with the ideal basketball training camp for them.


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