Three Key Elements in Basketball Training for Kids

Basketball classes are becoming more and more popular. This sport has been embraced by adults and children of all ages, but there are some key elements that often get overlooked during basketball training for kids. So, here we’ll explore these elements, so you can ensure that your child is ready to hit the court.


There are very few things that have more importance in basketball than balance. If you think about any move during basketball classes and you’ll find the proper balance is vital. During basketball training, Melbourne kids should be taught to stand with their feet shoulder width apart to evenly disperse their weight. This will not only help to stay in control of the ball and stop or start with ease, but also can help to minimise the risk of injury. With good balance, your child should find that jumping up to take that game changing shot can be achieved with greater precision. Improper foot balance is a primary cause of a drifting shot that hits the rim.


If you’ve watched a few kids sports classes, Melbourne parents may notice that many children are not taught proper pivoting. The player will stop the dribble and hold the ball. When the defender comes forward, the offensive player leans back until he gets tied up or even falls over. This is because of a lack of pivoting skills. Your child’s basketball classes should include teaching how to pivot in every direction without needing to change foot or travelling. This may seem like a minor fundamental, but it can make all the difference in a game, so pivoting should be taught as early as possible.

Positioning and Spacing:

Kids also need to be shown where they need to be on the floor. They need to be taught why the team shouldn’t herd the ball. Unlike junior soccer where the players may just chase the ball, this doesn’t really work in basketball. The children should understand that the purpose of the offense is primarily to get an open shot close to the basket. This can create an uncontested shot that will stop the opponents from getting a lay up.

If someone is driving towards the basket, the player shouldn’t run in unless there is a lane. So, your child’s coach should practice drills and understand what professional players are trying to do to improve their skills.

If you’re considering basketball training, Melbourne parents should speak to us. We provide specialist basketball training for kids of all ages. Our basketball classes are designed to not only help the kids have some fun, but also teach them the fundamentals and key elements of the game, so they can hit the court with confidence.