The Benefits of 1 on 1 Private Basketball Training and Coaching Melbourne Parents Should Know

If your child has started to show an interest or aptitude for sport, you may have considered training or coaching, but often parents are unsure about how beneficial private basketball coaching can be. So, here we’ll explore some of the considerable benefits offered by 1 on 1 basketball coaching that Melbourne parents should know to help them make an informed decision.

Centre of Attention

1 on 1 basketball training and coaching puts the student at the centre of attention. In a busy environment or group training, it can be easy for a player to get overlooked. Private coaching provides an ideal opportunity for coaches to provide detailed coaching to increase player performance. Additionally, every individual is unique so the coaching style can be tailored for most effective learning.

Psychological and Social Development

Player psychology is a crucial aspect of sports, creating an environment to ensure that the player is constantly and adequately challenged. Private training and coaching encourages the player to take responsibility and ownership of successes and failures of each session. This creates a positive effect to prepare for competitive environments and can also help the player to feel more independent and decisive in a team environment.

Work Towards Personal Goals

There is a common myth that only professional players should pursue 1 on 1 basketball training and coaching, but in fact, it can be beneficial for all ability levels. Private training and coaching is flexible and allows the coach to design a personal programme that is relevant for player development. The coach will have the time to listen, analyse, and develop a strategy with constant communication between the player and coach. This allows adapting for unpredictable circumstances to continuously look for any possible performance improvements.

Correcting Bad Technique

Regardless of player skill level, there will always be room for technical improvements, but it can be difficult for players to know what needs to be corrected and what they should do differently. Repeating bad form can quickly make correcting it difficult, but in 1 on 1 coaching environments, coaches are able to quickly spot any bad technique to correct it. This means that any mistakes can be explained in detail for a better understanding of correct form to develop good habits.


These days, children seem to have a more hectic schedule than most adults, which makes it challenging to fit in activities. However, 1 on 1 basketball training and coaching offers an effective training session to be fitted into your busy timetable. Coaches work different hours and can coach based on the rest of your child’s routine, which is particularly important when your child has team training or matches during the week. This can also be beneficial for parents who are busy trying to juggle their other commitments, as you can choose a time slot that is convenient for you.

These are just some of the positive effects of private basketball training and coaching, and this type of training is the best way to see how your child’s performance can be developed.

If you would like to find out more about 1 on 1 basketball training and coaching in Melbourne, we’re here to help.