Considering Basketball Coaching for Your Child? Starting Early Offers Great Benefits

If you want to get your child off the couch with a physical activity, basketball training and coaching may be just what you’re looking for. Playing basketball will help children to learn basic coordination and good team building skills; they can also make new friends during training. Getting your child going with basketball training for kids not only encourages exercise, but it can also build a foundation for staying active as they get older.

Age Considerations

Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball programs are available for children from the age of five and upwards. For younger children, our programs focus on the development of basic skills with rules-based play typically not being introduced until they are a little older. By the age of nine, most children are ready to play against other teams, so our programs focus on more competitive play, so your child will be prepared to meet opponents on the court. Regardless of their age, basketball training and coaching will encourage your child to develop good team building skills, which can be applied to many other activities both at school and in their leisure time.

Physical Fitness

Experts recommend children between the ages of six and 17 participate in at least an hour of moderately intense physical activity each day. Children should engage in vigorous-intensity activities three days per week. Basketball training for kids allows children to incorporate their physical activity requirements into their daily routine, thereby contributing to their overall physical fitness and well being. In addition to their coach supervised training, children will develop a love of the game and want to practice at home, increasing their activity levels even further.

Motor Skills

Learning basketball involves throwing, catching, pivoting and dribbling, and beginning training at younger ages improves gross motor skills, as they are using their major muscle groups. When young children play basketball, they will improve their endurance and flexibility. Additionally, basketball training will allow your child to benefit from improvements in their fine motor skills, including hand-eye coordination. These crucial motor skills can be transferred into other areas of their daily life.

Psychological Development

Starting basketball training at an early age will also help your child to develop psychologically. Learning and playing on a team will allow your child to start to make friends and feel greater involvement in their peer group. Additionally, team sports can improve children’s abilities to solve basic problems and communicate. Experiencing the benefits and challenges of healthy competition at an early age will also help children to prepare for failures later in their life. The sport will help your child to develop social skills and coping strategies that can not only be useful on the court, but can be beneficial at home, school, and in their peer relationships.

If you’re considering basketball training or coaching, be sure to speak to us. We offer a variety of programs, including basketball training for kids and the Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball team would be delighted to answer your queries or questions to find the best program for your child.