Considering Basketball Classes for Kids? How Much Training is Too Much?

Basketball lessons for kids are a great way to develop young athletes. Basketball classes for kids can encourage a love of the game and build on an interest. However, before you sign up for classes, you need to think about whether you’re planning on too much training and if your kids are doing too much.

Aren’t All Kids Lazy Now?

While there is a growing trend of juvenile obesity and diabetes, not all kids are stuck in front of their games consoles. Although many kids don’t do very much physical activity, some are actually doing far too much.

So, before you assume that all kids are lazy and getting them signed up for basketball classes is a fantastic idea, ask yourself if your child fits into this stereotype and whether they are taking on too much.

One of the dangers of overdoing basketball classes for kids is that it can have a negative effect of the development of a young athlete. Your child could be at risk of sports burnout, overuse injuries and even missing out on their childhood.

How Much is Too Much

There is a range of training that parents and also players need to consider. There are other variables that will affect how much is too much. Some research suggests that children should limit training to one hour a week for each year of the child’s age. For example, a ten year old wanting basketball lessons should be limited of no more than ten hours a week.

However, you also need to consider that children are encouraged to play other sports. Early specialisation in basketball is not necessarily the right choice for the child. It is not considered appropriate for children under the age of fourteen to specialise in just one sport. So, you need to consider what commitment is required for a particular sport. If a coach requires a year around commitment of ten hours a week of practice and competition, this could dominate the child’s sport capacity, particularly when you include in school gym classes, unorganised free play or other skills training. You may find that if your child enjoys two sports, they could be playing and training for thirty hours a week. For a twelve year old, this is well above the recommended training amounts and could promote player burnout or injuries.

What’s the Solution?

Parents who have concerns about whether training is too much need to seek out like minded coaches. Before signing up for basketball classes for kids, they should speak with the coach to check that they are taking other activities outside of training into consideration. Remember that young players hate to disappoint coaches, so you need to set the tone from the first class.

If you’re considering basketball classes for kids, you should speak to us. We specialise in basketball lessons for kids, and we can tailor a training schedule to suit your child’s requirements. You’ll also find the Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball team ready to answer any queries or concerns you may have.