6 Skills That School Holiday Programs Will Help Build

There’s no getting around it, school holidays can either be spent productively or… not! For anyone invested in themselves there are great opportunities out there to try something new, meet new people or get better at something you are already passionate about. School holiday programs, from dance clubs to basketball camps, are a fantastic option for self-development and building skills that might otherwise be neglected during down time between terms.

Social and communication skills

One of the most valuable skills that can be developed through attendance at a program is the ability to confidently interact with other people. Good social skills underpin success throughout life and any good program will emphasise interactivity and communication.

Friends for life

It’s almost inevitable that friends will be made during school holiday programs – friendships that may very well become lifelong and perhaps even life-changing. Having new people in our lives will also bring new challenges and, especially at basketball camps, new competition! With new friends we can test ourselves against a new opponent who brings their own strengths to the court.

Physical skills

Choosing to take part in school holiday programs that are focussed on sport will naturally contribute to improved levels of fitness and energy, as well as increased body awareness and understanding one’s physical abilities (i.e. strength, flexibility, speed). Basketball camps, for example, will combine a variety of training that helps players become better in many ways, from ball handling skills like rebounding and passing to improve dexterity and precision to strength training to help develop strength and power.

Self confidence

Like the first day at school or a new job, joining in with a group of new people is a great way of building self-confidence, and building it quickly. Here at Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball we provide an holistic experience that is specifically designed to develop our players as fully as possible and to help them grow as young adults as well as players. Our team are not just basketball coaches, but mentors dedicated to, and invested in, every player on an individual level. We don’t just change your game, we change your life.

Team building

Attendance at school holiday programs will also help strengthen team building skills. This can mean having a responsibility that contributes to the overall success of the team or the success of just one other team member. The key takeaway from such an experience will always be how to better contribute to the team effort overall and help make it as strong as possible.

Stepping away from technology

Another bonus of getting involved with a school holiday program is having to put down the mobile or turn off the television. As a society we’ve become so dependent on the technology that fills our lives that it can be easy to forget there is so much fun to be had without it!

At the Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball camps, we focus on providing every player with a full range of skills that extend far beyond the court and that will benefit them in their everyday lives. If you are thinking about basketball camps in Melbourne or local school holiday programs, we’re here to help. We offer a variety of training options to help you take your game to a whole new level, both on the court and off it.