2 Types of Confidence that develop through Basketball Training for Kids

Many people play basketball to enjoy the competition and have some fun at the same time. However, one of the most critical aspects of any kind of athletic team game is how it can affect and promote confidence in the player. We have all seen sports teams that have seemed unbeatable only to slump at crucial times during a season and other teams that seem to hit their form at just the right time. There are many dynamics at work within a basketball team, such as skill levels, all round fitness, differing personalities, and confidence. Any of these can be a factor, but in this article, we will take a closer look at the two types of confidence that can be seen in modern basketball.

The Two Type of Confidence

When a basketball team prepares for an upcoming game, they can study scouting reports, look at footage of the oppositions play and review detailed analytics to formulate an effective gameplan. However, one thing that the coaching staff cannot evaluate or prepare for is their opponents level of confidence. Many sports fans are unaware that there are two types of confidence at play, they are competitive and skill confidence.

Competitive Confidence

This is the sort of confidence that is evident when a learned skill is executed in the heat of competition. As the competition becomes more intense, even more competitive confidence is required to pull off successful moves. This is why you will see shot after shot scored during a warm up by all players and this reduces to a few key shooters during a competitive game. When the game comes down to the wire and points must be scored, that number of shooters will decrease even further. In any league, there may only be a handful of players that possess enough competitive confidence to make a final shot under intense pressure. This is the ultimate goal for many athletes, but this level of confidence is rare, and if it ever develops at all it must begin with skill confidence.

Skill Confidence

This is the type of confidence that is gained from learning skills and then practicing them until a noticeable improvement has been achieved. Skill confidence can only come from hard work and repetition until the skill has been mastered. Even then it will be necessary to continually practice to ensure that the skill can be executed well in a game. This level of skill will improve confidence as the player will intimately understand what they can do and then they can perform the skill well when they need to.

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